Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Time To Embrace By Karen Kingsbury

Since getting an ARC of A Time To Dance from Booksneeze, I have wondered what would happen to John and Abby next.

I was lucky as a friend have to the sequel to this book.

Here, John and Abby have "mature". John were still the Coach. However, there was a smear campaign against him when he told a parent the truth about the son.This made John felt very down and have thought of resigning from coaching.

He loves his students very much but he can't help noticing that one of his student, Jake being lead astray. Jake started to bully Nathan whom he was a friend of.

Not only that, John's own son also seems to be going down the wrong road.

To top it off, John was involved in an accident which left him paralysed. His daughter Nicole gave birth to a baby but there is a problem with the baby.

It seems like one thing after another kept happening to John and his family. Would this cause a strain in his relationship with Abby? Would he be able to overcome their misfortune? Would he be able to forgive the one who caused the accident? But one thing for sure, this round he pray to God for guidance and blessing.

At certain part of this book, it seems to be rather "preachy" but one thing for sure this is an heart moving book.

I particularly love page 150, the part where an article describe John as more than a Coach. He cares more than football and is someone where the student can talk to. He was like a second dad to them.

How I wish there are more caring teachers like this in reality. Nowadays, teachers seems to care about if to get the student pass the examination and finish the syllabus in time. There are not much student teacher time where a teacher gets to relate more with students. Understand their individual needs and things like that. Can't really blame the teachers also as the education systems here is so examination orientated.

In my life, I am lucky to have two great teachers like John. The first one was Mr Yeoh Swee Aun. He pass away in 1990. The other is Mr Phua Seng Tiong. Both loves their students very much and cares a lot for them.


cleffairy said...

I didn't really like A time to Dance and A Time To Embrace... both makes me go boohoo!

Small Kucing said...


next time prepare tissue or hanky :P


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