Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I Am Second , Real Stories. Changing Lives By Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender

Synopsis from Booksneeze.com

There is nothing quite as compelling as a personal story—an account of someone’s life, radically changed.
This book is filled with some of these amazing stories.

 Across North America and around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” No longer are they number one. These people have come alive to the truth that God has a plan for this world…a plan that specifically includes them. In this book you will discover their stories—some from notable people and some not so well known—who have had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and are walking in radical obedience by putting Him first in their lives.

These stories are raw and real, dealing with the darkest moments of the human experience. Addictions, depression, infidelity, abortion, cancer, pornography, loneliness, jealousy, divorce, war…each story shows the redemptive power of Jesus who brings purpose and true joy to every secret place of life. Your story may not be included in this book…but you too can be a Second.

My Comments :

I have requested this book from Booksneeze to review a few months ago but had only managed to finished it recently. The opinion stated herein are just my humble two cents.

This is a wonderful compilation of real people experience and their stories. It's all about what they had gone through in life. All their hardship and trauma. These are not just your everyday people.Many of them are well know. Through all their trials from falling into substances addiction to being sexually assaulted, most of them had lamented how unfair life is. But then, they realised that they must have faith in God for he is First and we are the second. They must give their lives over to God for them to be able to overcome all their setbacks.

There are a lot of raw emotions involved here. I can't help feeling sad when I read some of it.

The one down side which I noticed here are the stories tend to be a bit short.

This would be a good read for everyone from young adults to the elderly for everyone will find some experience which he/she can relate to in this book. Hopefully, it can help those who are in need of spiritual guidance.

Am giving this book four stars out of five.


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