Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Metal Tigers By Peck Soo Hong


Peck Soo Hong had written an absorbing tale of friendship. Set in the 60's, Metal Tigers will transport you to the era gone by.

Peck Soo Hong pulls you into the heart of the story with her memorable characters and breathtaking drama. A deeply touching book that will make you think about your true friends.

(Source from the back flap of the book)

My Comments :

I agree fully with the description above. It is truly a deeply touching book

Do you remember your first love? Love during school days? Well, this is a story from school days to adult life. The wonders and the pain.

Guess, am moved by this book as it brought back a lot of old school days memories. I can still remember "dating" is prohibited and frown on. However, many "couples" still did that in school. Some couples got called up for "counselling" and even parents were notified.

"Dating" then was frown upon as the reason being it affect their studies and yet some couples did well in their studies. The same goes here in this book.

Aahhh...the joy of young love. Innocent, uncomplicated and untainted by anything else. But this is also a book about friendship and sacrifices.

Kudos to the author who managed to bring the characters to life. The scene and feeling were so real.

The author managed to bring me to tears with this book. Or was it because of all the cough syrup that I have been taking for the cough. No matter what, I love this book.

I love the ending and the song "Tell Laura I Love Her". 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Big Bookshop Warehouse Sale at Subang Avenue

Saw in Inspired Mom1x Blog talking about the BigBook Shop Warehouse Sale yesterday. Hence, decided to drop by there in the evening.

Pleasantly surprised that there were not much people there. There were still a large variety of books to choose from.

Am not sure whether it's influenced by the BBWS, but I noticed that the price for fiction are average priced at RM8. Those with a larger page size were around RM10 only.

Found these coin boxes at RM4 each. The water battle is to let you judge the actual size. I think it;s very worthwhile. to get these. Can be as birthday pressie for kids and stuffs like that.

Also bought a pack of Buncho Poster Color for RM20. There are 18 colours in there. I noticed that they have Water colours too priced at RM8 and RM12 or was it RM13. Not bad.

 Magic Pen RM2 a packet. Haven't test out the pen yet. Not sure have ink or not but RM2, hentam aje la. Moreover my kid is very "ganas'. Sure very soon will destroy this.

 Pencil sharpener at RM5 each. There are a few colours to choose from.

Quite a lot of Faber Castell product. Bought this pack of pen for RM3.

 Disney book at RM1.

 Pop out book at RM5 each.

There were a few titles to choose from but I bought these two only. Still in good condition.

A Children/young adult book at RM6
Worthy buys.RM2 each.

 Many titles to choose from.

Bob The Builder book RM3 each.

 A book of photograph at RM1.

 Various stories from Malaysia and Singapore at RM2 each.

 Chick-Lit, RM5 each.

Not sure how much but I think it was less than RM5. Inspired Mom 1x told me this is RM2.

One of my favourite author Tilly Bagshawe. I like her mystery but not so fond of her Chick-lit. This Chick lit os only RM5. Not bad lah.Hope I don;t have this book sitting in my "pending to read" pile of books. But even if I have the duplicate, I can always give it away as gift or drop it at Subang Jaya Book Exchange programme(SJBEP).

By the way. SJBEP will be having a book exchange session on Sunday 19th February 2012, 3pm to 5pm at the USJ2 Community Hall. Do bring a book or two and drop by.

Check out their Facebook for regular updates

All the above Fictions are RM8 each.

Don't miss out this golden opportunity to grab some good buys. Here is the address Subang Avenue Shopping Complex (Next to Carrefour Subang Jaya. Still unsure? Hmm next which is next to Subang Parade ). Time is 10am to 10 pm. It's ongoing now till 19th February.


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