Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tuesday Child by Louise Bagshawe

This is one of the Chick-lit that I managed to grab from the previous BBWS.

Lucy Evan was a Tomboy and she was happy with her life. She had a great job as reviewer of video game magazine although it pays peanuts. She shares a flats with her best mate, Ollie. And they have been the best of mate since they met. They shared almost everything.

Then things came crashing down. Ollie came home from a date one day and told her that his girlfriend, Victoria, had proposed to him and he had accepted. That is the good news. The bad news is that Lucy had to move out from the flat since Ollie is getting married.

Things got worse when the magazine that Lucy was working for was sold off and she finds herself without a job and no place to stay. She does not have qualification for another job.

Ollie pulled some string and got her a receptionist job. The only hurdle she had to go through is to makeover herself from a Tomboy into an English.

This is where the annoying and "vicious" Victoria comes in. She is the the perfect image of feminine. Her mission is to "help" Lucy to makeover herself. Would Lucy manage to do that? It came not without a price. Victoria also took the change to warn her off Ollie.

Lucy found herself with a gorgeous boss, Todd, who seems to have feelings for her. He lavished her with many splendid things. Branded clothes, lavish dining, great big rent free penthouse to name a few. But can Lucy accept him as her boyfriend and will Lucy chance who she is to be with Todd. Will her friendship with Ollie end just like that? 

I find that this one is a delightful read. The characters are well developed. The innocent ones are are pure a white rose, the bad ones stick like a bad egg.

It's really amazing how the events and things fell in place so comfortably.

There was also a rather unexpected ending in this book.

I noticed that there is a discrepancy in page 360 and page 428 whereby for the same scene, the former was said done by Melissa and the latter was done by Buffy.

It's a fun read if you happens to be down.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Running Away From Richard by Chris Manby

Chris Manby's "Running Away From Richard", is the Book 2 of the Lizzie Jordan series.

The story is about Lizzie Jordan who just graduated from drama school. She is looking forward to a glittering career and hopes to be Mrs Richard Adams. She have been living with her artist boyfriend, Richard for four years and she know that he is going to propose soon.

Her best friend, Mary is getting married and Lizzie is to be her Chief Bridesmaids. Then a week before the wedding Richard threw Lizzie a bomb. He broke up with her and kick her out from the flat which they shared. Lizzie was devastated but harbor hopes that Richard would come back to her.

Lizzie moved back in with her parents. But a month later, she finds herself in Los Angeles because she can't stand her brother's patronising tone. She though she can have a new beginning in L.A but life have other plans for her.

She found herself in a cockroach infested  house with her ex-housemate Fat Joe who had turned from a he into a she. Sharing the house with them is Brandi, an optimistic wannabe actress. Lizzie found herself with not much money and had to work in a notorious transvestite bar.

She was offered a job by the hottest gay Hollywood director; not in movie but to act as his fiancee to deceive his mother.

I find that this is just an average read.

First half of the book is dedicated to the sobs story on how Lizzie moping after Richard. Most of her friends saw through Richard and yet she still won't give up. It was really pathetic.

But thank goodness the second half of the book was saved by introducing some colourful supporting characters like Fat Joe, Brandi, Eric and Eric's mother.

Things could have been improve with less whining from Lizzie about Richard. It's just so irritating when it was repeatedly hammer into my brain that Lizzie still holds feelings towards Richard. Plot was rather predictable .

I have read several of Chris Manby books and for me this is not one of her better works.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confessions of A Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler

Synopsis from

After nursing a broken engagement with Jane Austen novels and Absolut, Courtney Stone wakes up and finds herself not in her Los Angeles bedroom or even in her own body, but inside the bedchamber of a woman in Regency England. Who but an Austen addict like herself could concoct such a fantasy?

Not only is Courtney stuck in another woman’s life, she is forced to pretend she actually is that woman; and despite knowing nothing about her, she manages to fool even the most astute observer. But not even her level of Austen mania has prepared Courtney for the chamber pots and filthy coaching inns of nineteenth-century England, let alone the realities of being a single woman who must fend off suffocating chaperons, condom-less seducers, and marriages of convenience.

This looking-glass Austen world is not without its charms, however. There are journeys to Bath and London, balls in the Assembly Rooms, and the enigmatic Mr. Edgeworth, who may not be a familiar species of philanderer after all. But when Courtney’s borrowed brain serves up memories that are not her own, the ultimate identity crisis ensues. Will she ever get her real life back, and does she even want to?

My Comment:

When I buy this book I was  expecting it to be adventurous. Why not? After all the main character time travelled and have the chance the experience life in that era. There should be some fun in it. Instead I find that there is too much whining in here for my liking. Not much of romance as in normal Jane Austen novels. 

Some things does not makes sense to me. Courtney is said to be an addict of Jane Austen's novels and whenever she is unhappy, she will bury herself in the novel. If this is so, wouldn't her character be more tune down when she suddenly found herself back in time instead of hype up on what they don;t have there like makeup and a daily bath? A true Jane Austen addict would know what to expect in that era. Wouldn't she be enjoying the scene there or in the very least exploring instead of lamenting about her old  life which in the first place nothing to shout about?

This book have potential if only more mystery and a bit more suspense were added into it. Good job in portraying the hygiene during  that era. Just imagine it..not taking bath daily. Yuck. 

This is only my personal opinion. Others have read it and liked it. Have a try. Maybe you will like it.

News Flash! The Big Bad Wolf Book Aftermath Sale 2011

Just saw this announcement in The Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook.

"Minions! This is the announcement you've been waiting for. The Big Bad Wolf Book Aftermath Sale begins 24-28 November 2011!

We are selling the remainder of our books at the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale! Some are damaged, dented or in less-than-perfect condition. But EVERY REMAINING BOOK MUST GO.

If you missed us at MAEPS, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE at a Big Bad Wolf Book! After the sale, you may never see these books ever again. Spread the news to friends and family, before your treasured reads are all snapped up. Numbers--and time--are limited. Will you accept the challenge to snag these remainders in the aftermath?

As for the prices...we'll be announcing them after lunch. Stay alert!"
Check out their Facebook at for further developments

Updates !

Venue : South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan

Time : 10am - 9pm

Price Range : RM5 or LESS

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Late For Tea At The Deer Palace by Tamara Chalabi

Synopsis from

A lyrical, haunting, multi-generational memoir of one family’s tempestuous century in Iraq from 1900 to the present.

The Chalabis are one of the oldest and most prominent families in Iraq. For centuries they have occupied positions of honour and responsibility, loyally serving first the Ottoman Empire and, later, the national government.

In ‘Late for Tea at the Deer Palace’, Tamara Chalabi explores the dramatic story of her extraordinary family’s history in this beautiful, passionate and troubled land. From the grand opulence of her great-grandfather’s house and the birth of the modern state, through to the elegant Iraq of her grandmother Bibi, who lived the life of a queen in Baghdad, and finally to her own story, that of the ex-pat daughter of a family in exile, Chalabi takes us on an unforgettable and eye-opening journey.

This is the story of a lost homeland, whose turbulent transformations over the twentieth century left gaping wounds at the hearts not only of the family it exiled, but also of the elegant, sophisticated world it once represented. When Tamara visited her once-beautiful ancestral land for the first time in 2003, she found a country she didn’t recognize – and a nation on the brink of a terrifying and uncertain new beginning.

Lyrical and unique, this exquisite multi-generational memoir brings together east and west, the poetic and the political as it brings to life a land of beauty and grace that has been all but lost behind recent headlines

My Comments :

At the beginning it was hard for me to start reading this book. However, once I got the hang of it; it was good.

I like the way it was presented with photographs peppered at the relevant section of the book.A photo worth a thousand words? 

Not much problem for me to follow in on what described there. Their culture and customs. I can imagine Bibi's worries about her marriage and the ability of giving birth to a male heir.

However, there are parts where I find the book was a bit slow and dragging. Too lenghty description of the politics and stuffs like that. If only the book could be edited down by 100 pages or so, it would be an enjoyable read. Guess, can't do so coz this is history of the family. The flow would not be there if some of the events was edited out.

I feel sorry for Bibi for it took a long time before she could "get back" to her homeland.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hungry Ghosts by Anne Berry

Synopsis at

A novel for those who loved Behind the Scenes at the Museum, The Poisonwood Bible and The Lovely Bones.

Raped then murdered in Japanese occupied Hong Kong, 1942, Lin Shui's 'Hungry Ghost' clings tenaciously to life. Holing up in a hospital morgue, destined to become a school, just in time she finds a host off whom to feed. 

It is 12-year-old Alice Safford, the deeply-troubled daughter of a leading figure in government. The parasitic ghost follows her to her home on the Peak. 

There, the lethal mix of the two, embroiled in the family's web of dark secrets and desperate lies, unleashes chaos. All this unfolds against a background of colonial unrest, riots, extremes of weather and the countdown to the return of the colony to China. 

As successive tragedies engulf Alice, her ghostly entourage swells alarmingly. She flees to England, then France, in a bid to escape the past, only to find her portable 'Hungry Ghosts' have accompanied her. It seems the peace she longs for is to prove far more elusive that she could ever have imagined.

The Hungy Ghosts is a remarkable tour-de-force of the imagination, full of instantly memorable characters whose lives intermesh and boil over in a cauldron of domestic mayhem, unleashing unworldly spirits into the troubled air.

My Comments:

I  was expecting the usual Asian ghost haunting story. Oh boy...I was wrong. This is the story of Alice instead of the ghost Lin Shui.

Not much were written about how the ghosts makes Alice life miserable. It was mentioned bits here and there of things smashing down and stuffs like that which Alice's family took it as her fault

I find that the story was rather dragging and rather depressing to see how Alice's mother hated her. And how her siblings have problems of their own. Too much depressing things without a hint of light gets me down.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

Grace is desperate to be married and she was delighted when Mike asked her to marry him though the impression that I have of her is that she wants to marry for the sake of getting marry.

Mike is moving to overseas to work. The long distance relationship did not go well. Grace was going to surprise Mike with a visit but she had a nasty shock when she saw Miken had taken up again with his old flame.

She was determine to get him back. She dragged her chums to chase Mike over 3 countries in order to have him back.

I find that the plot of this book is very simple and predictable. The characters are pretty much shallow. There is nothing amazing about Grace

This is only my opinion. Others may find that they will like this book. Have a try and see.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O Calica

First thing to remember when reading this book is to throw logic to the wind and you will enjoy it more.

The story is about Amanda who is having a dead end sort of live in Singapore. Her job sucks and even her housemates can't recall her name.

Agent Brian is an officer who bakes when he is depressed and he was depressed coz his girlfriend left him for another guy.

His Boss came to him and gave him 48 hours to find a partner in order to solve the mystery of the missing rich widow, Jasmine, who is the widow of a rich man, Tony.

He some how managed to rope in Amanda , a civilian, who was his sparring partner in a self defence class to be the undercover agent. And a series of funny incidents happen

As I have said earlier, this novel is not that logical. However, it have moments of fun.

It's not logic that Singapore Police would use dubious method to force a civilian to help them especially in undercover job.

If I a rich and would wanna flee, I would have had the brain to create a new identity and squirrel all my asset to the new identity instead of waiting for the Police to freeze my asset.

If I am dead and my death is know to everyone, the Bankers surely would have frozen my asset long time ago. I have said there were some fun scene too. Love the way the author wrote about the blossoming romance of Brian and Amanda

You can try reading this as you might enjoy it thought I didn't

Monday, October 03, 2011

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison

This is a book for young adult.

Cassandra Grace or better know by her friends and family as Cass is a responsible and level headed girl. Her home is in the country side. Nothing much happen there.

Her current aim is to teach as many student as possible on horse riding in order for her to have enough money for entrance fees to County Horse Riding Competition.

The prize is USD20K. If she won, she would have enough money for her living expenses in college.

Well, that was her aim until the "Invaders" came. That is the term where the country folks calls the people that come from the city for their summer vacation in their vacation home at the country side.

This year there was a big huha as rumours spread that the notorious Kent family is coming back to town.

Cass bumped in to the handsome Jared Kent when she was horse riding. Then things started to change. She started to neglect her duty, friends and family.

Is this a summer fling for Jared? Will she realised in time what she is doing to her friends and family? and what was the Kent notorious for in the past? Nobody in town wish to talk about it.

Overall, this is an average read. Plot was quite predictable.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hermie, a Common Caterpillar by By Max Lucado

Hermie is a Caterpillar. Pretty much common except that the fact is he can talk to God!

Yup...whenever he and his friend Wormie feeling particularly down because they sees themselves as common, nothing special, ordinary; they would pray to God.They ponders why they not like others for example Antonio the mighty ant or pretty like the LadyBug

God answers their prayers patiently. He told them not to worry as He is not finish with them.

Well, no surprise there on what Hermie turned into in the end.

I find that this book is perfect for my 3 year old son and me. He is forever asking "why this...why that....why...why..why". At times, it gets to my nerves. After reading this book, I feel that I should be more patience with him.

Yes, this book teaches kids(and adults like me) to be more patience and put their trust in God. Somewhere along the line when kids grow up to be adult, we tend to forget to put our trust in God. This is a good reminder for us.

In my opinion, this book is a good way to prepare the kids to enter school life. When they goes to school, they are bound to be face with classmate who are prettier or richer or stronger or even learn faster than them. There will always be someone better than us but don't worry as God is not done with us yet. God have plans for us. If our kids believe in this then they will surely excel in whatever that they do.

I like this book. It's a good book to keep at home.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



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