Friday, June 29, 2012

Nanyang The Lure of the Southern Ocean to Lands of Opportunity & Danger by Khoo Kheng Hor

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In this absorbing historical saga, Khoo weaves and engaging tale linking the multi-racial peoples who inhabit [Malaysia and Singapore] : the orang asli (ie. The aborigines), the people from various parts of Southeast Asia collectively known as the Malays, the Chinese (migrants and Straits-born Peranakan), the Indians, and of course, the Eurasians, descendants of intermarriages of the natives and the Europeans, such as the early Portuguese who came to colonize the wealthy Malacca Sultanate, before being chased out by the Dutch, who, in turn were outmaneuvered by the British, who thereafter systematically colonized the land to be known as British Malaya and the Crown Colony of Singapore until they too were driven out by the invading Japanese

My Comments

For me, I fell in love with his book since I read "Mamasan". All his books are well researched and storyline blend into the history of Malaya/Malaysia. I can't help loving them 

This book is of no exception. It's the story of three generation of the Yap family from the time where Yap Kee came to "Tanah Melayu"(Malay Land) till the time of his grandchildren during the inception of Malaysia.

The plot is good and fast paced. 

The only down side of this book is that there are too many characters involved. I tend to get confused on who is who. However, the three family chart at the beginning of the book helps a lot to countering the problem.

Some parts of the political scenerio is an eye opening "experience" for me. Yes, I have read Malaysian History during school time and I can say that history is not one of my strong subject. I read and memorize the dates just to pass History examination and have no thorough understanding of what I memorize. 

When reading the part about the Communist and the political situation in this bout there were several times when my brain just went "TING!!". Like I finally got what the history books have been trying to say about the war and stuffs like that.

To me this book is fantastic and a must read

Friday, June 22, 2012

That Gallagher Girl by Kate Thompson

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Times are hard in the village of Lissamore on Ireland's West Coast. So it's lucky that free-spirited Cat Gallagher knows a thing or two about breaking and entering.

Times are hard in the village of Lissamore on Ireland's West Coast. So it's lucky that free-spirited Cat Gallagher knows a thing or two about breaking and entering. When her beloved houseboat burns down she finds herself eyeing up the abandoned Villa which seems to suit her purposes admirably. But when a mystery buyer turns up, Cat is in a quandary. She needs money, a roof over her head and for the first time in her life Cat needs a helping hand…?Rio Kinsella is also in a predicament. She is in possession of a secret that has the potential to transform not only her own life, but the lives of those dearest to her. Before long, Rio finds herself lost in a labyrinth of lies, deceit and good intentions gone wrong. Can the two women find a way through their problems? That Gallagher Girl takes us back to the wonderful world of Lissamore with another heart-warming tale filled with a wonderful cast of characters.

My Comments:

Bought this book sometime last month from Bookxcess for RM9-90. The price not bad considering this is a new author for me and I have never read her books before. 

I would say I am lucky to have bought this book as it gave me much needed entertainment after reading some depressing books. 

Unlike the usual Chick-lit. This book have romance and mystery.

I fell in love with the character Cat as she is so daring. On one side she seems to be vunerable and at others her innocent and guts really flare up my imagination.

 What I love about this book is that the characters in it have extreme opposites. Its hard for me to describe.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more books from this author.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri


Vishnu was an odd job man for the residents of an apartment building in Bombay.

This is the story of Vishnu as he lies dying on his abode which is the staircase landing of the building. It's also the story of his life when he was young with his mother and later on with the love of his life.

Entwined in the story are the lives of the residents of the building; the warring housewives, the lone widower, lovesick teens from different religion and the Muslim man looking for enlightenment.

My Comments:

I've bought this book from the Big Bookshop Clearance Sale some time ago and had forgotten about it .Last vacation, I encountered this book again in a Cafe. Just the other day, as I was digging out some books to read...I found it again and so the journeys begin

It was rather difficult for me to understand what I was reading as the story flash from one person to another. However, the part that is most difficult for me to understand and imagine was the Vishnu. At times he was the alcoholic dying man, then it flashes to his childhood. After a few chapters it tells of the love of his life, Padmini. The author lost me at the part where Vishnu turn God like.

Despite everything, I still enjoyed reading the part about the residents of the building. Each family have its own woes and crisis.

For me it was a bit of a sad read.

i give it 3 stars out of 5.

Monday, June 11, 2012

All You Need is Love by Carole Matthews

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This is a romantic comedy set in Liverpool about Sally Freeman - a twenty-something single mum and superwoman - and her bid to make her world a better place. Hopelessly in love with her is Johnny - an artist with not a penny to his name - and Spencer Knight - a rich city slicker with a Porsche and a penthouse apartment. Sally wants to improve the dreary estate where she lives and she enlists the help of the locals to plant a garden and build a community centre. But will she choose the right man to love?

My Comments :

In the beginning I thought this book is another trash that I have picked up coz I did not like the first chapter. It sounded a bit like one of the moaning about life and everything under the sun type of book.

However, I am glad the story improved as I read on. 

I can't really say that I love the main character, Sally Freeman. Yes, she had been through a lot. Getting pregnant at a tender again, being single mom, having an alcoholic dad and having to move out on her own and all that stuff. But look here, nearly everyone in this world is going through these type of things one time or another.

What saves the book for me is her son, Charlie and her ex-boyfriend Johnny. Both of them have sunny character and an endearing innocents. Reading how they react and does things certainly brightens up the reading for me. 

One thing still puzzle me even at the end of the book is why did Spencer Knight falls in love with Sally. That is the only thing that I feel that the author did not address satisfactory.

Overall, this is certainly a relaxing read by the pool. For me it was four stars out of five.


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