Friday, March 25, 2011

Final Notes From a Great Island By Neil Humphrey

For the past few days I have been reading this book.

It is about Neil Humphrey who have been in Singapore for about a decade and now he decided to move on to the land Down Under. Before he go, he decided to have one last "tour" of Singapore. To go to the places which he had been to.

I find that this book is a bit bland at certain parts. Nothing much that holds my interest. Jokes seems to fell flat. For example the part where he was threaten by a vicious dog. A Police man who is smaller size than him stands between him and the dog. Then the bus came and he ran to the bus with the dog close to his heels. All this while he was shouting for the police to shoot the  dog before it bites him. Maybe that part was intended to be funny but I find it's nothing to laugh about

Guess this book just doesn't suit me. Maybe others will think differently for each will have their favourite type of book to read.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi SK, I am impressed with the way you read books.
Bet the bookshop owner loves you, ha ha.

Small Kucing said...


hahaha....Guess I contributed quite a lot towards the profit figures. But then sure they hate me when i have a negative review. Well, not many people reads this blog anyway. wont be much of a big blow.


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