Monday, March 07, 2011

The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery

It was the early nineteen century. Aurelia was an orphan. She doesn't know who is her father. Her mother passed on while she and and her uncle were in a ship to Japan. Her uncle was a Missionary who was selected to go to Japan to spread the religion. Unfortunately he died in a fire the first day they arrived in Japan.

Alone with no place to stay, Aurelia hide in a Teahouse. She was adopted by the Teahouse family and was personal companion of the young Mistress of the house, Yukako.

Tea Ceremony was a big thing during that time. Only a Master can perform the Tea Ceremony.

The Shin family was once very rich and was looked up to by everyone. However, the family fell from grace due to the changes in the Imperial Japanese decree trying to abolish most of the ancient customs. No more Shogun. And Tea ceremony is looked on as ancient art. Out dated. No longer valued.

Nevertheless, Aurelia devoted herself to the Shin family despite the failing fortune. Mistress Yukako tried to help the family but was hinder by ancient practices.

Aurelia fell in love with the Tea Ceremony practise and also Mistress Yukako. She was there for Yukako through all the all the up and downs. Although Mistress Yukako treats her well, was just not meant to be. Aurelia will always be an outsider.

In the end, she went back to the land where she was born.

What I like about his book is that it's very rich with the ancient customs and each move are vividly portrayed.

The thing I don't like about this book is it is too long winded. Felt that it's dragging. Another negative point about this book is that the font is very tiny. Hard to read.

This would be a good book for those who loves to know more about ancient Japanese Tea Ceremony. I guess, this book is just not for me.

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