Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Different Sky by Meira Chand

Fuih...finally finish reading this terrific book. Started reading this yesterday. Just can't stop.

Story about the life of 3 people in Singapore between 1927 to the year Singapore obtain its Independence.

Raj, Mei Lan and Howard met once in a trolley when they were young. They were trap in the the trolley because there was a riot. Each have different view about the riot.

Raj was a young Indian from India who came to Singapore to seek his fortune. He wants to work to become a successful businessman. He has a kind heart.

Mei Lan was born in a rich and famous Chinese family which have very constricting views about how females should conduct themselves. Mei Lan felt that she is suffocating from that. She have dreams and ambition. She works on that. From young she was taught that Singapore is just a place to stay while China is their home. Thus when Japanese launched war at China, her family worked to help China. But then Japanese came to Singapore also. Everyone suffered greatly

Howard was an Eurasian boy born here who unfortunately have darker skin than his fellow Europeans. During that time, it was frowns on if Europeans marries local woman. He was never really accepted by the locals and was look down on by the Europeans. He does not really agree with the Communist view but was forced to work with them for survival.

Somehow fate have brought Raj, Mei Lan and Howard together again and again in an unexpected ways throughout this book.

They had to go through World War II. Suffered before, during and after the Japanese Occupation. Each have their own story to tell and experience.

It is really amazing how Meira Chand spin the tales of these 3 people lives. They are bound together by fate and yet they are separate.

Meira managed to capture the view point of each characters aptly.Everything was so vividly described.

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