Monday, July 14, 2014

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale , Ipoh 2014

 Omgh!!! Guess many Ipoh avid readers will be very excited. For the first time ever, The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale will be held in Ipoh.

Yea yea yea...what's so great about BBWBS?...guess only those who are excited about books will know. Come on.. fiction books are being sold mostly around RM8 per copy. That's like 75%-95% discount off the market price leh.

Those who are holding BB1M vouchers are sure lucky as BBWBS will be there before the vouchers expire and yes, BBWBS do accept BB1M vouchers.

Attention my "little horses" in Ipoh. Here is the map on  how o get to the sale.

Ahem ahem....don't forget to whatapps or FB me ya if you spotted any books that I might like......Thank you, Terima kasih , 谢谢 and धन्यवाद,. get ready...mark your calender...submit Annual Leave form...get ready a pair of comfortable shoe(you'll need it!) and most important of all...bring a trolley bag. No kidding leh. Don't be shy. Spare your arms from all the heavy lifting. Trolley bag is the way to go when you wanna "borong" . If you really cannot carry the heavy boxes, do not hesitate to "catch" any of the BBWBS staffs to help you to carry them to your car. From my past experience, the BBWBS Teams are very helpful guys and gals.

That's all for now...happy book hunting!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Fireball Book Sale 15-23 February 2014

Good news!

The Big Bad Wolf Fireball Book Sale will be on 15-23 February 2014 at MIECC, Seri Kembangan

Time : 9am to 9pm

Great price slash as compared to last December.

Those books that were selling for RM8 last December will be sold at RM5 this round

Just one thing not so syok is that this round no more 24 hours sale.

So better mark your calender and get ready to grab those cheap books. No pantang on buying books as it falls after Chinese new Year.

For more news , do visit their Facebook at

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post nor did we receive goods in lieu. 


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