Sunday, March 27, 2011

Me and Mr Darcy By Alexandra Potter

Emily Albright is an American and is Manager of a book store. She had a string of disastrous relationship with modern men. They just does not have the gentleman charm of the flamed Mr Darcy, a character from Jane Austen's book "Pride and Prejudice". She had it with all modern men. Her dream man is Mr Darcy.

When her best friend Stella invited to a weekend full of "fun" and men in Mexico, she hastily declined and booked herself on a tour to Britain. It a Literature Lovers Tour to explore the world of Jane Austen.

There are no handsome hunks on the tour. It's just a bus load of "Kooks and old people", as Stella put it. The only man who is remotely of her age is Spike, a journalist that got on the wrong side of Emily. But as fate has it, the two of them were thrown together more and more.

To Emily's surprised, she met Mr Darcy during the tour. He is exactly as described in Jane Austen's novel. Gentlemanly and sexy. For a moment there, Emily thought she had imagined it all but everything seems so real. Is he the man for her?

This is sort of like a modern fairy tale. Most of the thing seems to have been exaggerated like the part where her date split the bills with her by counting up to the cost of the pizza topping.

The plot was sort of predictable. It's a smart move to introduce Mr Darcy into the story or else it would be very bland. The kind of girl meet boy, fight and fell in love.

What I like about this book is that it have a hint of "Fantasy Island" and "Love Boat", where everyone in the tour got to know one another well and they went on the tour with problems in their heart. At the end of the tour, their heart are somehow fixed.


nylusmilk said...

haha finally you read it... so will you read another alexandra potter book?

Small Kucing said...


I will give her another chance. Kinda relaxing read. No need to think a lot when reading this.

But most likely will wait for BBWS to borong more of her books. I don't know which one is her "famous" book

cleffairy said...

Mamakucing, come, join this

Small Kucing said...


wokay wokay


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