Saturday, September 11, 2010

Service Attitude

What I've encountered yesterday and today really makes me think that our society is really alienate lot.

We went to Sungai Wang Plaza to search for a camera yesterday. Before going, hui have done research only and a shop called Boeing Photo Sdn Bhd seems to give the best deal.

We are not familiar with the layout of the shops in Sungei Wang. Hence while hunting for Boeing Photo Sdn Bhd, we come across many other camera shop. We stopped to enquire whether they have stock for the model which we wanted.

First shop says "We don't have" but he did suggest alternative model and showed us the model. He was not sure where we can get the model.

At least this one was better that the previous guy at another shopping complex which say this model is obsolete though it's a relatively new model . When he was asked any model that will be replacing this model he just answered "Don't have". This guy obviously does not know his product

Back to the story.

We walk some more. Saw another shop. It's near Parkson and man by a young man. He was busy cleaning the display case when hubi approached him to ask about the model the model we wanted.

Without stopping his "cleaning" job, he answered that they do not have that model. I think it's very rude especially when a customer is asking you a question and you are doing another thing. It's as rude as talking with your mouth full

Then we come to another shop. This shop was man by a man who is in his late 30s. He was busy reading newspaper. When hubi asked him question, it was like there is gold in his mouth. Reluctant to answer. The attitude like "if you want to buy then buy. If not then buzz off".

Nevertheless, we encounter one shop whose staffs ave a positive attitude and was happy to help. He even managed to suggest alternative model and brand. He was able to reply most of hubi's question. Too bad they did not have stock for that camera

Finally we found Boeing Photo Sdn Bhd. Their staffs were quite knowledgeable and they have the model in stock. Managed to give us quite a good deal too

This morning we went to McD for breakfast. The service was really bad.

How can McD run out of eggs? No Eggs McMuffin, no big breakfast and no ice milo. Only have Fillet O Fish and Sausage McMuffin. By 10.30am, they have run out of Sausage McMuffin too. Left are Pancake, Fillet-o-fish and chicken.

The counter girl who serviced me was not smiling. There are confusing everywhere. Everyone seems to be "hiding" in the kitchen.

Later on I went to asked for a Paper bag. A Supervisor was reprimanding two girls as they seems to be doing the same job together. Two girls manning the same counter? No wonder there is chaos.

When the supervisor was there the girl flashed me a smile and enquired politely what I need.

Then I went back again for a cup of ice. This round the supervisor is not there. The said staff seems to be nonchalant

This really makes me think that people is getting cunning everywhere. When supervisor or the boss is here, must put on an act. When the boss' back is turn then it's their "ME" time and customers being ignored.


Unknown said...

Wah the McD service really bad ler. Only that particular outlet?

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

The Kota Damansara one la. Maybe coz raya many ppl take the staffs also disorganised


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