Monday, December 26, 2011

Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter

Taylor Young had the perfect life. A loving husband and three gorgeous kids. She had her dream house which is the envy of the community. She is involve in her kids school activities and is viewed as the Super Mom. Everyone look up to her.However, nobody noticed that she is just a fragile woman underneath her perfect image.

Only one woman marred her perfect life...Martha Zinsser who is a self sufficient and confident lady.

Taylor thought this is her only problem till one day suddenly out of the blue her credit cards wouldn't work anymore and her husband suddenly on an "extended" business trip.

Then thing start crashing down on her. Those whom she thought were her friends avoided her like a plague. And unexpectedly, she received help from one corner which she had never expected...Martha Zinsser.

For me, this book is just okay. Nothing much outstanding about thing.

The plot and story were pretty much predictable.

However, it is commendable that the author managed to bring up the image of Taylor from a weak woman into a pretty determined woman in the end.

I didn't quite catch what character Taylor's husband is supposed to play in the story. In the beginning he was portray as strong and confident but at the ending he was something like a crying baby. or me the changes was not as convincing as the changes in Taylor. It could be due to the husband figure was not given enough space to expand.

Nevertheless, this book has been a good try. There is potential for development.


Isaac Tan said...

interesting, i see you do reviews for books as well. Nice! :)

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