Sunday, December 04, 2011

Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Sorry, I have been silent for so long. It have been a very busy month. I have been busy going for book sales and whatnot. Grabbed a whole load of great books.

Have been reading average 4 to 5 books a week, so fast that I haven't had the time to post up any review.

This is one of the good books that I have pick up during one of the book hunting trip. This round it's from Bookalicious at Summit USJ .

What would you do if you are approach by your Rabbi,  Pastor, Priest or someone who is the Religion Leader of the community with a request to do his eulogy when he is gone?

That was what happen to Mitch Albom. He was request by the Rabbi. He decided in order to deliver the complete eulogy, he had to get to know of this old man more. At first he thought maybe it would takes 2 or 3 weeks to get to know him as a person but the weeks drag to months and then years. And pretty soon, friendship formed.

Simultaneously, the book also tell the story of another person. Henry Covington was introduced to Christ at a very tender age but again and again he fell away from the religious part. He become a thief, robber and a drug addict. How did he found his way back?

As Mitch understand more of these two men lives, he also understand more of himself.

I like this book but there are some parts which is hard to "process". Guess, ones have to have a calm mind to read this book.

This book promote religion tolerance. No mater what religion it is, all religion promotes goodness. It's men that twist and turn the thing.

Yes, I would certainly pick up this book again to read.


Jothi said...

Sounds like you have been drowning in books Kucing! I've yet to read Mitch Albom, but most of my friends love his books :)

Small Kucing said...


Yes....too many book sales in October....


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