Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexander Potter

For me this is a charming romantic comedy.

Do you ever wish for something without thinking? Maybe like when you go out of the house, you just wish the day be sunny and that the car would start properly?

Well, Heather Hamilton was forever wishing for things. Some she does consciously and some unconsciously. But luck doesn't seems to be on her side.

One day, things had gone pretty bad for her. She was drenched in rain when a gypsy peddler stopped her to sell he a lucky heather.  In order to get the gypsy woman off her back, she bought it.

And from that moment on, everything goes smoothly for her.

Cab stopped for her. She was able to find parking anytime she wish for.

The gorgeous man, James, that she had a crush for asked her out for a date. And he seems to be the Perfect Man that she had wish for. But how come even though things are perfect, she still feeling like somehow things are not complete?

And there is this handsome American came to rent a room at her flat.

I love this book. Reading it gives me a happy feeling.

The plot were smooth and light heart. Although the story does not have heavy emotional stuff, I find it not too sweet. Not like the plot is unbelievable.

I can see this book have good potential to be make into a romantic comedy. The character Heather and Gabe were fun and complement each other well.


Ann said...

I really admire your ability to read so many books. I am trying to keep up. Thanks for all your book reviews.

Small Kucing said...


LOL coz you are working mah...Glad you enjoyed the review

.:wan~nur:. said...

I wish I have this book!

Small Kucing said...

Wan Nur

Easy...check out from BookXcess. Maybe they have stock


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