Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The House in Amalfi by Elizabeth Adler

This is the second Elizabeth Adler book that I have read. The first being "Sailing to Capri" given to me by Cleffairy which I had enjoyed very much.

The House in Amalfi tells the story of a widow, Lamour Harrington. Her husband had recently pass away in an unfortunate accident. To her she had lost the love of her life.

Her best friend did not want to see her ruin her life just like that and hence told her a devastating truth about her late husband.

Unable to find peace, Lamour decided to return to her childhood home in Italy. The home which she neglected since the mysterious disappearance of her father many years ago.

Her presence there opens up a lot of old wounds for the people there. There are some people who would not want her to be there nor poke around the past.

She acquired a hostile neighbour and also a suitor. But in this circumstances, can she find love?

This book is certainly has its charms. It describe a place where its Paradise. Wonderful sun, sea and sand. With an admirer or two. The scene was very serene. Good for those who wish for a little escapism.

The little mysterious plot about her father's disappearance also added a bit of suspense in the story.

What I dislike about his book is that she is flirting with both the father and the son at the same time which lower my opinion about Lamour.

Overall, it's an acceptable read for a quiet day.


cleffairy said...

Just finished reading this book. Really descriptive and captivating... a nice an engaging read. I wonder where to find all her other books, cuz when i try to find, can't find. :( Some of it is not even in English language~!

Small Kucing said...

Nice ho :)


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