Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Someone recommended this series to me a long time ago. Only recently did I purchase this as the price was right.

The story is about 12 years old Artemis Fowl is a millionaire and a boy genius devising a plan to increase his family fortune after the disappearance of his father. His mother was not in her right mind after his father disappeared.

Left alone, Artemis Fowl had become a master criminal.

Now he had devised a plan to capture the Leprechaun Gold. He doesn't know how much trouble he is in when he kidnapped a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. The whole force were out to take back what was theirs.

Hence in came the better of the magic and human wits.

Despite this book being targeted at young adults, I find myself enjoyed this book immensely.

The story is fast paced and exciting. Descriptions were vivid and colorful.

It's fun to learn that it's not your normal story. The fairyland here is similar to our world with laws and orders.

Yup, am giving this book a thumbs up.

By the way, there is a special code at the bottom of each page of the book if you care to try and decipher it but if you can't just login to and read the translation there.


nylusmilk said...

read this a few years ago and enjoyed it. do you have the rest of the books in the series?

Small Kucing said...


So far read 3 only. This one, the opal deception and the eternity code

Hidayah Ismawi said...

this book comes up alot in blogs who list out must reads for young adults .. must give it a read sometime..though I can no longer be categorized as such haha

Small Kucing said...


for me its good book. Am a dinosaur already but yet i still enjoyed the book very much


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