Sunday, October 09, 2011

Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O Calica

First thing to remember when reading this book is to throw logic to the wind and you will enjoy it more.

The story is about Amanda who is having a dead end sort of live in Singapore. Her job sucks and even her housemates can't recall her name.

Agent Brian is an officer who bakes when he is depressed and he was depressed coz his girlfriend left him for another guy.

His Boss came to him and gave him 48 hours to find a partner in order to solve the mystery of the missing rich widow, Jasmine, who is the widow of a rich man, Tony.

He some how managed to rope in Amanda , a civilian, who was his sparring partner in a self defence class to be the undercover agent. And a series of funny incidents happen

As I have said earlier, this novel is not that logical. However, it have moments of fun.

It's not logic that Singapore Police would use dubious method to force a civilian to help them especially in undercover job.

If I a rich and would wanna flee, I would have had the brain to create a new identity and squirrel all my asset to the new identity instead of waiting for the Police to freeze my asset.

If I am dead and my death is know to everyone, the Bankers surely would have frozen my asset long time ago. I have said there were some fun scene too. Love the way the author wrote about the blossoming romance of Brian and Amanda

You can try reading this as you might enjoy it thought I didn't


Jothi said...

Now that's what you call a very,very light read I suppose...hehehe

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