Friday, October 28, 2011

Running Away From Richard by Chris Manby

Chris Manby's "Running Away From Richard", is the Book 2 of the Lizzie Jordan series.

The story is about Lizzie Jordan who just graduated from drama school. She is looking forward to a glittering career and hopes to be Mrs Richard Adams. She have been living with her artist boyfriend, Richard for four years and she know that he is going to propose soon.

Her best friend, Mary is getting married and Lizzie is to be her Chief Bridesmaids. Then a week before the wedding Richard threw Lizzie a bomb. He broke up with her and kick her out from the flat which they shared. Lizzie was devastated but harbor hopes that Richard would come back to her.

Lizzie moved back in with her parents. But a month later, she finds herself in Los Angeles because she can't stand her brother's patronising tone. She though she can have a new beginning in L.A but life have other plans for her.

She found herself in a cockroach infested  house with her ex-housemate Fat Joe who had turned from a he into a she. Sharing the house with them is Brandi, an optimistic wannabe actress. Lizzie found herself with not much money and had to work in a notorious transvestite bar.

She was offered a job by the hottest gay Hollywood director; not in movie but to act as his fiancee to deceive his mother.

I find that this is just an average read.

First half of the book is dedicated to the sobs story on how Lizzie moping after Richard. Most of her friends saw through Richard and yet she still won't give up. It was really pathetic.

But thank goodness the second half of the book was saved by introducing some colourful supporting characters like Fat Joe, Brandi, Eric and Eric's mother.

Things could have been improve with less whining from Lizzie about Richard. It's just so irritating when it was repeatedly hammer into my brain that Lizzie still holds feelings towards Richard. Plot was rather predictable .

I have read several of Chris Manby books and for me this is not one of her better works.


Lady G said...

Sob story, not really my cup of tea.

Small Kucing said...

Lady G

1st part a lot of whining la but second half was ok la


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