Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tuesday Child by Louise Bagshawe

This is one of the Chick-lit that I managed to grab from the previous BBWS.

Lucy Evan was a Tomboy and she was happy with her life. She had a great job as reviewer of video game magazine although it pays peanuts. She shares a flats with her best mate, Ollie. And they have been the best of mate since they met. They shared almost everything.

Then things came crashing down. Ollie came home from a date one day and told her that his girlfriend, Victoria, had proposed to him and he had accepted. That is the good news. The bad news is that Lucy had to move out from the flat since Ollie is getting married.

Things got worse when the magazine that Lucy was working for was sold off and she finds herself without a job and no place to stay. She does not have qualification for another job.

Ollie pulled some string and got her a receptionist job. The only hurdle she had to go through is to makeover herself from a Tomboy into an English.

This is where the annoying and "vicious" Victoria comes in. She is the the perfect image of feminine. Her mission is to "help" Lucy to makeover herself. Would Lucy manage to do that? It came not without a price. Victoria also took the change to warn her off Ollie.

Lucy found herself with a gorgeous boss, Todd, who seems to have feelings for her. He lavished her with many splendid things. Branded clothes, lavish dining, great big rent free penthouse to name a few. But can Lucy accept him as her boyfriend and will Lucy chance who she is to be with Todd. Will her friendship with Ollie end just like that? 

I find that this one is a delightful read. The characters are well developed. The innocent ones are are pure a white rose, the bad ones stick like a bad egg.

It's really amazing how the events and things fell in place so comfortably.

There was also a rather unexpected ending in this book.

I noticed that there is a discrepancy in page 360 and page 428 whereby for the same scene, the former was said done by Melissa and the latter was done by Buffy.

It's a fun read if you happens to be down.


Jothi said...

The plot sounds a little bit like "My Best Friend's Wedding", only in that movie the fiancee character played by Cameron Diaz was a nicer person.

nylusmilk said...

read this long time ago but i remember i enjoyed it too. i also read monday's child but it's not related to this book.

Small Kucing said...


Something like that la.

Small Kucing said...


Havent read Monday Child yet. HMaybe one of these days I will get to read that


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