Monday, October 03, 2011

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison

This is a book for young adult.

Cassandra Grace or better know by her friends and family as Cass is a responsible and level headed girl. Her home is in the country side. Nothing much happen there.

Her current aim is to teach as many student as possible on horse riding in order for her to have enough money for entrance fees to County Horse Riding Competition.

The prize is USD20K. If she won, she would have enough money for her living expenses in college.

Well, that was her aim until the "Invaders" came. That is the term where the country folks calls the people that come from the city for their summer vacation in their vacation home at the country side.

This year there was a big huha as rumours spread that the notorious Kent family is coming back to town.

Cass bumped in to the handsome Jared Kent when she was horse riding. Then things started to change. She started to neglect her duty, friends and family.

Is this a summer fling for Jared? Will she realised in time what she is doing to her friends and family? and what was the Kent notorious for in the past? Nobody in town wish to talk about it.

Overall, this is an average read. Plot was quite predictable.


Hidayah Ismawi said...

The plot sounds a little Mills&Boones to me hehe

May said...

At Hidayah you are right though. One thing i hate about mills and boon is that you can predict the end of the novel. But is interesting though. Thanks for the review, hope you have a great week..

HappySurfer said...

Sounds like a familiar theme but I guess every story has its own little uniqueness. Thanks for the review. Interesting blog - keep up the good work. Thank you for stopping by.

Small Kucing said...


More like for young adults

Small Kucing said...


One thing i like about M7B is the ending is always good.

Small Kucing said...

Happy Surfer

Thanks for dropping by :)


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