Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

Grace is desperate to be married and she was delighted when Mike asked her to marry him though the impression that I have of her is that she wants to marry for the sake of getting marry.

Mike is moving to overseas to work. The long distance relationship did not go well. Grace was going to surprise Mike with a visit but she had a nasty shock when she saw Miken had taken up again with his old flame.

She was determine to get him back. She dragged her chums to chase Mike over 3 countries in order to have him back.

I find that the plot of this book is very simple and predictable. The characters are pretty much shallow. There is nothing amazing about Grace

This is only my opinion. Others may find that they will like this book. Have a try and see.


Mars Mell-o said...

how much mamarazzi bought this book? :D

Lady G said...

I probably wouldn't enjoy a plot like this. What is the purpose of chasing after a guy who's no longer loyal to you?

Small Kucing said...


FOC. Got it from the Subang Jaya book excahnge at USJ2. Jom la go and see

Small Kucing said...

Lady G

Yup...agree with you


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