Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News Flash! The Big Bad Wolf Book Aftermath Sale 2011

Just saw this announcement in The Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook.

"Minions! This is the announcement you've been waiting for. The Big Bad Wolf Book Aftermath Sale begins 24-28 November 2011!

We are selling the remainder of our books at the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale! Some are damaged, dented or in less-than-perfect condition. But EVERY REMAINING BOOK MUST GO.

If you missed us at MAEPS, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE at a Big Bad Wolf Book! After the sale, you may never see these books ever again. Spread the news to friends and family, before your treasured reads are all snapped up. Numbers--and time--are limited. Will you accept the challenge to snag these remainders in the aftermath?

As for the prices...we'll be announcing them after lunch. Stay alert!"
Check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bbwbooks for further developments

Updates !

Venue : South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan

Time : 10am - 9pm

Price Range : RM5 or LESS


Mummy Moon said...

Started yesterday?? Where is the venue??

Small Kucing said...

Mummy Moon

Next month.

Mummy Moon said...

kekeke, thank you, thank you.. tersilap tengok

JPP Sean said...

Ah....good to have a second chance to buy the books I didn't get to buy the first time. Got the first part of the Dreamhunter Duet Series only; didn't realised there was more to it haha

Small Kucing said...

Mummy Moon

Too kan cheong ya...not only you. Another of Mamarazzi friend also thought October

Small Kucing said...


Hope you find something that you like this round. I dont really like series coz have to chase after them.


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