Monday, July 04, 2011

While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky

Molly Snow is the younger sister of a world class runner, Robin Snow. She is now in her late twenties. Since a baby, she was constantly overshadowed by the achievement of her elder sister.

One particular day, Molly did not accompany Robin for her usual training and Robin collapsed on the road side. A good Samaritan, David came to her rescue. But that was not enough. Robin was in a critical condition.

Subsequently, Molly was pushed into the lime-light. She had to takeover many things that should have been done but her parents and elder brother Chris.

 Is she capable of making the correct decision and inspire the others to do the same? What is the correct decision?. These questions are top off with the guilt of not being there when Robin collapsed and of discovering a family secret.

The first half of this book left me felt so frustrated. Nobody seems to want to make any decision. Her brother Chris, seems to be a pushover. A coward. Can't even communicate properly with the wife. Makes me wonder how in the world did these two got married?

Molly's mother, Katheryn, was portray as the prime force that inspire Robbin in her running. But when Robin collapsed, she seems to put the blame one everyone except for herself. Decisions that need to be made for Robin well being was pushed away and delayed by her 'grieve'

This 'personality' just does not make sense to me. For someone who can inspire Robin to run and is said to be the strong woman behind Robin;  what Kathryn did when Robin was hospitalise does not jibe well with what I imagine her to be. It leaves me with the impression that Kathryn was like an empty vase. All talks and no action. Decisions and blame was pushed to Molly and other people. Even the good Samaritan was not out of her "People to Blame List".

Yes, everyone are grieving but her grief portrayed here were a bit too over done.

I am also equally frustrated by the father figure in this story with his quote "I want what your mother, Kathryn wants."

Lucky for me as the author put in an unexpected twist in the middle of this book of which the mystery factor interest me to read more about it.

The ending was not bad. However, the 'reaction' of this character Kathryn was not convincing enough for me. But that is my personal opinion.


cheeyee said...

Some people scare to make decision, thus pushing away the responsibility to others.

Small Kucing said...

Chee yee

I am frustrated coz the "mother" seems to 'talk one thing, do another thing'


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