Friday, July 29, 2011

Water's Edge By Robert Whitlow

Tom Crane had a bright future. A great job. Any minute now he is going to be made partner of a high profile firm. A beautiful girlfriend.

Amidst all this, there is just one small matter of winding up his deceased father's law firm. His father was killed in a boating accident. He needs to go back to his hometown Bethel, to close down the practice before he can get on with his perfect life.

Then out of the blue, disaster struck. He was fired from his work and his girlfriend broke up with him through letter. At that time he felt real lost and was contemplating of taking his own life. He have nothing else to live for.

However, God works in a mysterious way. When Tom was in his lowest, Elias was there to advise him. Elias was a religious man.

Tom took one day at a time. While cleaning his father's stuff he found that there was a large amount of money in an account.

This roused his curiosity and he starts to dig deeper. It was like opening a can of worms. I won't spoilt your enjoyment of this book putting a spoiler here. It's better for you to read it for yourself.

At the beginning, I can't help to compared this book with John Grisham's "The Firm" or "The Partner". I guess most people would do this too as John Grisham had set a precedence to it.

However, I discovered that there is something special about this book. That is a hint of religion in it. Actually, it blends well with the plot and is a very good combination.

There are many books that are fill with suspense and actions in the market. And so far, this is the only book that I come across that also promote the believe in God without sounding overly pious.

In my opinion this is a great book for those who love to read suspense and thriller but does not like to be bombarded with those foul words nor ungodly messages. Great for teenagers and adults.

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Jothi said...

Sounds interesting. Yup the religious element is rarely found in most crime/thriller/suspense novels. I reckon it adds an interesting dimension to the story.

Small Kucing said...


That is what makes this novel special


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