Friday, July 22, 2011

Airing Dirty Laundry by Ishmael Reed

Synopsis from :

Nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, Ishmael Reed now returns with a boisterous and irreverent collection of nonfiction writing. "Always provocative, sometimes infuriating, this collection reminds us that the purpose of art is not to confirm and coddle but to provoke and confront."-- The New York Times Book Review.

My comments : 

I picked up this book from Paylessbook warehouse sale quite some time back. Only come to read it recently.

When I read this book  I feel that there is a lot of anger in this book. Anger aims to just about everyone from the black conservatives to the authorities, government, AIDS, drugs and etc.  

I can understand  the part black men being victimised as racism happens everywhere in the world. 

However, I am not living in the States nor am well verse on what happened over there during that period. I find it hard to relate on how legalising drug use would minimise lethal trade wars. Yes, outsider like me won't understand. 

Like what a friend of mine had said "There is two sides of one same story. Make sure you listen to both sides before passing judgement or taking sides."

Guess this book is not for me but this is just my personal opinion. I won't rate this book as this book stands on it's own. Either you will like it or you won't


Hidayah Ismawi said...

the closest I come to reading a collection of non-fiction is "Chicken Soup" .. me- the lightweight reader.. uhuhu

Small Kucing said...


ya this book is a bit too much for me coz am not very clear about the situation at the other side. Feels this book have a lot of anger. :(


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