Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Prison, My Home by Haleh Esfandiari

This is a true story of Haleh Esfandiari. She is an Iranian American academia.

Each year, she travels back to Iran a few times  in order to visit the 90 over years old mother.

During her one of her visit back to Iran in 2006, she was robbed while on  her way to the airport. Among the things that they took from her was her passport.

And hence this begins her ordeal in Iran while leads to her detention in one of Iran most fear prison, Evin.

To me the first 160 pages of this book is rather dry. Not my cup of tea coz there were lengthy description of the political situation in Iran and the political relationship between Iran and  America. Am not really into politic and stuffs like that.

I think those who love politic would like this book and have better understanding about it.

The second half of the book was interesting when she described the juicy detail of her imprisonment and her jailer.

Now how shall I rate this book? Can't rate based enjoyment as this is a personal experience and not fiction. Well, I'll just leave the rating blank.

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