Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Family Way By Tony Parson

The story of three sisters.

Jessica, wants a baby but she can't have a baby no matter how hard she tried. Her husband, Paulo would do  anything and everything to please her.

Megan, does not want a baby but she finds herself pregnant after  one night stand. She was at a crossroad. She is now a trainee doctor. Would she be able to handle a demanding career on top of a baby which require her constant attention?

Cat, doesn't know what she wants. At first she thought she don't want a baby but when she discovered that the option is no longer available to her due to something that her older boyfriend had done, she thought she should have the option in the first place.

All these add on with the story from their respective spouse/boyfriends, makes this book a great big pot of mixed emotions.

It's a very balance plot. To me, it practically covers most reason why people have babies and why some don't. It's very perceptive.

My only grouse is that the flashing from one character to another was too frequent. At times, it made me loose my concentration.

Nevertheless, this book is for keeps.


cleffairy said...

U like this book? Den most probably it is definitely not for me kinda book! LOL! said...

You run this blog too? That's great :)

Small Kucing said...


LOL....CY might like

Small Kucing said...


Yup..this one and another


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