Monday, May 02, 2011

And Thereby Hangs A Tale By Jeffrey Archer

It have been quite sometime that I have not read any Jeffrey Archer books. I have read most of his books except the Prison Diaries. False Impression was not that impressive to me but Path of Glory was not bad.

I was delighted to spot this compilation of short stories in BookXcess Facebook the other day and immediately e-mail them. Yay! they still have this book and they agreed to reserve a copy for me.

Anyway, back to the "tale". There are 15 short stories in this book and 10 of them were based on true incidents.

Among the stories I love most are "High Heels" in which a woman helped her husband to solve the question why designer shoes could not have gone up in flames

"Where There Is A Will" was also very impressive on the ingenuity of a woman

Needless to say, all those who have read Jeffrey Archer's book would know that the ending of his stories won't be straight forward. There is always a twist in the end.

Love this book


Philip Khor said...

will try to find an archer book in my school library to read, then :)

Small Kucing said...


Archer shorts stories are very entertaining.

cheeyee said...

Me have not read any JA books before. Wait till I finish bayar hutang I go find one to read. :)

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

I think you might not like the novel. But try the short stories first


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