Friday, May 06, 2011

Montmorency On The Rocks by Eleanor Updale

This is the 2nd book of Montmorency Series. The story is set in Victorian era.

In book 1, Montmorency leads a duplicate life. He was a rich gentleman and his alternate identity was Scarper, a thief.

In this 2nd book, Montmorency had shed off the identity of Scarper and is now and undercover agent of the British Crown.

But during one of his mission in Turkey, he got himself addicted to drugs.This addiction seriously affected his judgement and many times nearly lead him and his partner, Lord George into trouble

Lord George brought Montmorency to his family castle to help him out of his addiction with the help of  Dr Farcett.

Meantime, there was terrorist bombing London train station. They need Montmorency help on that. But he was too weak to help even himself. In view of that Lord George went by himself.

Montmorency and Dr Farcett was drawn to escort a maid, Morag, back to her home which is in an Island when she received news of her baby brother death. When they arrived there, they were intrigued by the many cases of baby dying of mysterious illness on the island. In fact a whole generation seems to be wiped out by this.

Then they received urgent missive from London urging Montmorency to go back to London to help. He had to go. There, the mystery deepens. Montmorency have to summon back "Scarper" in order to help him with the investigation.

Overall, I find this book an interesting read. It's really intriguing to be following two cases at one short. Suitable for teenagers

The thing I don't like about this book is there was no summary of the 1st book. It's hard to read this book without knowing what happen in the 1st book. I feel that a short summary on what happen in the 1st book would certainly increase my enjoyment of this book and make it easier to understand.


cleffairy said...

Wa... sounds interesting. Mebbe u can find 1st book and buy?

Nightwing said...

Helo Small Kuching.

Great to hear u like Taikor and Mamasan...:)

Sifu and Nanyang...are also great read (both by Mr Khoo).

Mr Khoo also co wrote a book with Datuk Christopher Wan on Sun Tze Art of War...on crime. Can check it out too.

Small Kucing said...


Thanks for the recommendations. I find his books are really good. Hope to find them at MPH or Popular warehse sale. It's rather expensive to buy full price . The Taikor was RM38 .

Small Kucing said...


Ya..maybe if i am lucky, next round will find the book 1 at the bargain bin.

Nightwing said...

Helo Small Kuching,

Happy Mother's Day...May you have a great one...:)

Next time if you are in a bookshop, at the management section, can also check out books written by Mr Khoo on Sun Tze Art of War. He wrote those before venture into Taikor (if not mistaken).

He also give talks to companies and Police department (Malaysia and Singapore) on Sun Tze Art of war.

Small Kucing said...

Night wings

Thanks will do that :D


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