Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration

It's Mother's Day again. Everywhere you go, you'll see offer and promotions cater for Mother's Day. Online, offline, in televisions, in restaurants and even in Mamak Stall there is some sore of promotions going on.

Next month it would be father's turn to be pampered as it will be Father's Day in June.

Well, everything is fine. Hip and Rosy. Everything is swell. Everyone will be happy or at least paste on a happy face.

Ya, I am starting to sound like someone. Ranting on about something that can't be helped.

While most people will be celebrating but there would be some who would be nursing wounds.

They are the ones who :
  • lost their mother/father to death
  • lost their mother/father after being abandon or sold off
  • lost their mother/father due to abuse
  • lost their mother/father to gambling/drug/drinking
  • lost their mother/father to illness
  •  and etc
For these group, what is there to celebrate? Maybe just be thankful that they are still alive after being used, abandon and/or abuse. Especially for those who have been abused physically and/or mentally.

That is life. Some where people are celebrating, at another corner there would be some who are crying inside.


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