Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Opposite of Fate : A Book of Musing By Amy Tan

This is a non-fiction book by Amy Tan describing on her thoughts and her family life.

She was born in a family who believe in fate. And being that she had to find balance between the family believe and her "American" way of life to find her own destiny.

It's really fascinating to read about what her family expects of her and how she devise ways to have her own ways.

There are description on how she had the inspirations for each book particularly The Joy Luck Club. She also writes of the reason why she added broken English in her books instead of straight up English.

This has been an eye opening book for me. Yes, I never thought that there are so many reason behind her books. So many scene from the books are based on real life. No wonder her books and the characters are so vibrant and alive.


Unknown said...

I miss the bookxcess price tag!! hihi. wonder when I'll be able to go there again!!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

I rarely read non-fiction but this sounds like an interesting one.

Small Kucing said...


wait for BBWS and go borong la

Small Kucing said...


Yes, it's interesting if you wanna know how she gets inspirations and how much of her fiction is based on real happening


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