Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Illustrated Wee Free Men : A Story of Discworld - Terry Prachett

I have come across this book many times before at BookXcess but was not interested. It's due to the name Terry Prachett. Many have praised his works but for me, I don't really fancy his books.

The reason was, I had bought one of his book "Jingo" a few years ago from Pay Less Books Warehouse sale. Till today, I have yet to read it. Have tried reading that a couple of times but kept getting stuck at the first few pages. That's why I sort of gave up on Terry Prachett books.

Then what makes me change my mind and get this book? Well, it's due to the endless "kiasu-ness". You see, BookXcess were having World Book Day Promotion the other day. Each day they offer one book from Children Section, Fiction Section and Non-Fiction Section up for discount, 50% discount. Needless to say my "kiasu-ness" knows no bound.

 Well, am glad I bought this book. Coz the illustration are simply terrific.  There are several pages where we can unfold for a bigger view

 Each page are sure to have drawings of something.

 Some are beautiful

While some can be really scary like this one.

The story is about a Tiffany Aching who is a fledgling witch. Her little brother was stolen by an evil Fairy Queen and she have to get him back from her. In order to get her brother back, she will have to follow him to the other realm. There are a lot of new things, horrors and fighting.

At the beginning it's rather hard to understand the story as Tiffany's world is not the same as ours. In her world, they don't have school and they don't go to school for an education. They buy education using apples and carrots from something like a bazaar or circus where the educators have tents selling their knowledge.

Another thing which makes the story difficult to follow are the weird language by the Wee Free Men. For example, can you understand this "Crivens! Gang awa' oot o' here, ye daft wee hinny! 'Ware the green heid!". I can't so I have to guess as I read along.

Despite it all, I found myself enjoying this book a lot. It takes quite a bit of adjusting the mindset. It feel like going back into childhood and discovering fairytale or like reading The Magic Faraway Tree the first time. Releasing oneself from this world and going into another world.

Yes, I think I will look for more of these Wee Free Men books. Any recommendation?


Unknown said...

Interesting, is this children book? Story sounds a bit like The Iron King - where Megan also goes to another realm to rescue her brother.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

Really I am amazed by the story. At first very hard to start coz I dont know the head and tail. Maybe am getting too old and the mind is hard to adjust. But once I got the hang of it, i really enjoyed this book

Small Kucing said...

i see it's more of YA

cleffairy said...

@Cheeyee... It's not like Iron King...I tried reading, nothing like Iron King. I couldn't understand this book... tarak masuk otak. Not my kind of book, I guess.

@Mamakucing... I'm still trying to read this book... very, very hard to start. Beginning cannot understand... so kinda give up. mebbe I should try reading from middle?

Small Kucing said...


Pengsan. Read from the middle lagi confused la.

First few pages tells how Tiffany heard voices as she was walking along the river. Then she saw a WFM in a basket shouting at her. Suddenly she saw something abnormal in the water and a creature jump up. She thought to herself no point telling what she saw and heard to anyone as nobody would believe her.

Unknown said...

How many pages are there in the book? If not too long can pinjam? I wanna see why cleffairy said cannot faham. LOL!

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

Around 250 pages. Want?


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