Monday, May 16, 2011

Joshua Then and Now by Mordecai Richler

The book is about Joshua Shapiro today and Joshua when he was young and middle age. He was a child and then he was a parent.

When he was young his father was sort of a mysterious figure. There was a time where his father was missing for a period of time. then it was discovered that his father was imprisoned. Other women does not like his mother as she was unconventional. Just imagine she performed a strip tease at his bar-mitzvah.

Joshua grew up to be a successful journalist, TV star, a husband and a father. He have a wonderful wife named Pauline. Pauline was from a good family who marry down when she married him.

I am unable to rate this book as I did not finish reading it. The plot was good but it's not enough to hold my interest due to the constant flash back. The frequent flashes from then and now made it hard for me to concentrate on the story. When I was getting hang of where the story was going, suddenly it flash forward or vice versa.

Maybe in future when I am more patience then I may be able to finish it.


cleffairy said...

Dun think it's my kind of book too... considering too much flashback. Hard to keep on track.

Small Kucing said...


Maybe when I am older or at another stage of life I will have patient for it

cheeyee said...

This kind of book require concentration and have a clear mind.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee



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