Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Pride and Joy - Enid Blyton Collection

I have read many of Enid Blyton's books and have collected quite a numbers of it. None are first print or anything like that but I just doesn't have the heart to give them away. I love them very much. 

Here are a few that I managed to dig up the other day.

The "Color" collection. Sadly, I only have these two "color".

The first time I came across the "color" book was when my primary schoolmate, Christopher, loan me his "The Blue Story Book".

Gosh, it was a magical experience reading that. Then on my own, I managed to buy The Yellow and The Red Story Book. There is another book. The Green Story Book. I have read that one too.

Next comes The St Clare's collection.

 Managed to collect all 6 books.
 It was not an easy task. I had to buy them one by one.

We were not rich. For me, story books like these are a luxury item.

Each weekend, we would go to visit my grandma. At the end of the day, an Uncle who have car will come to visit Grandma too. We would get a ride home in his car. Those days he would quietly slip me RM10. On the weekend that he was not free, we had to walk quite a distance and took bus home. We had to change two buses before we reach home.
Every Friday after school, me and my friends would go to a shopping complex called Q-Mart at Old Klang Road. With the RM10, I would then select a book to buy. Those days, it cost RM4-90 a book. It's consider pricey for we can get a bowl of noodle for RM1-80 at that time.

From there, slowly my collection of books grew.

Malory Tower Collection nearly escaped me. The brownish color was not that attractive. I thought it would be rather dull book. 

I think it was Chinese New Year or something where I suddenly have influx of $$. Hence, I took a chance and bought one.

I enjoyed it very much and went back for more.

It's truly a journey to relish in collecting all 6 of them.

It was simply delightful reading about the Midnight Feast, the Sports, the holidays and everything in it.

There are people who hates Enid Blyton because of her personal life. If all spoken are true, then she could have been a rather unpleasant lady.

However, the books she wrote were extremely good.

In these two boarding school series, she teaches children to be independent and try to work out their problem instead of being a "Tell Tales". There were many example on teamwork, tolerance and of course the balance between working hard in their studies and also of having fun.

Some may say, "What?? these old and musty books? Sell to the Recycling Centre also no value. What for keeping them and take up the space. Can always get e-book."

For me they held a lot of fond memories and have sentimental value.


reanaclaire said...

drooolllinggg!! can sell them to me? i have the last term in malory towers.. u want?

cheeyee said...

I love to read when I was very young. But since I was in Chinese primary school, I would say 99% I was reaching Chinese books. My parents bought some English books for us, but sadly never Enid Blyton. Miss collecting the treasure! All books still at my parents house. How I wish I was exposed to more English books when I was young.

Btw you so lucky. Get to go shopping with friends after school on Friday. Me always staying at home. We were not allowed to go out without the adults. Despite Q-mart was just walking distance from where I stay. Are we growing up in same area? Hahahaha!

Small Kucing said...


No way...cant sell hahaha,,these are my babies

I have already The Last Term At Malory Tower. Hey, keep la. Treasure ni.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

Maybe the same school leh LOL.

You knw DFriday la. School ends early and the school bus came very slow. Walk home is faster than waiting for the bus.

Walk home lo and Q-Mart was along the way

cleffairy said...

T______T i used to have the Blue book when I was younger... but mum mum sold it to old newspaper uncle when i went to college. OMG... this post breaks my heart!

Small Kucing said...


sorry to hear that

nylusmilk said...

wah amazing collection. i grew up reading enid blyton books. i think if i camp outside your house i would have reading entertainment to last for YEARS. hahaha.

Small Kucing said...


lol....outside my hse u be mozzie feed lo. a lot of mozzie :(. they come n spray yet dont die

Uncle Lee said...

Hi SK, hey, those books are worth a lot of money today!
If you want to sell them, check it out on Ebay!

Would you believe I would be a very rich man today if my mom had not given away all my hundreds of comic books I had when a young teen.
I keep my things very well, all like new.
When I left for o'seas to study, my mom gave away to other kids.

I was shocked to learn some of the comics I had are now collector's items! And one was sold for US $35,000! I repeat,.... ONE!
I had many!
Superman, Kit Carson, Lash Larue, Phantom, Tarzan, Blackhawk, Buck Jones, Battler Brittain, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, etc.

All the above if I have it today will make me a very rich man!
Oh well, guess my mom never thought of that, nor did I.

Imagine, US $35,000 FOR ONE comic! I had more than 300!!! Chehhhh!

reanaclaire said...

sigh... if next time u see got, tell me.. but then i want to borrow only.. dont want to own la...

Small Kucing said...

Uncle Lee

Gosh!!! all those comics were given away ah? sobs! There goes a fortune!

some of the comics which u mentioned are collector's item nowadays. Cant find aready

Small Kucing said...




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