Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Manny by Holly Peterson

Jamie Whitfield live in the Grid where the rich lives. She is a part time TV News Producer and the wife of Philip, a successful partner in law firm.

Philip is forever too busy to make time to have father and son quality time with their son Dylan. Jamie feels that Dylan needs some male company which she and the nanny could not provide.

This is where, Peter Bailey, comes in. Jamie hired him to be the "Manny"(the male version of nanny) for Dylan despite Philip's objection.

Hiring of Peter does not only improved Dylan's human to human interaction but also makes Jamie open her eyes to what is happening around her. Although she protest that she is not one of those " socialite" but sometimes peer pressure seems to be too much and she had to succumbed to the demand. What worse is that she seems to be attracted to Peter.

The good thing about this books it highlighted what most working couple are facing nowadays especially the endless chase for money. Money is never enough, or as according to Philip. The need to be accepted socially, as thought by Jamie. And how all these affect the lives of the children and also the relationship between married couple.

Also highlighted how extra-marital affairs tend to start. A friend who is not communicating with her husband and both blatantly having affairs. What can one do when one walk in on ones husband doing it with ones so call friend? What can a man do when a sexy married woman pull him into a closet and show him she is not wearing any panties underneath? What can one say when someone told you that they do it for the excitement that can't be found in their husband?

At work, there is also scene of betrayal where someone could purposely make false story just to pull a prank and revenge with no concern who die in the middle.

Then there is also the office politic angle at Philip's office which does not seems to sit well in this book.

Yes, this book tries to tackle many issues...a tad too many issues and not enough time/room to elaborate. Hence the characters and plot comes out as stiff and lacking of depth. There are so much potential in this novel but again and again a particular issue was not given the chance to develope properly before jump into another issue.

Sometimes, I think it is best not to bite more than what ones can chew.Yes, there is room for improvement for this book. If only the author can elaborate more on the characters and gives them more life.


cheeyee said...

Sounds like a good story but wasted.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

Memang good story but lacking the bit more of umph...

cleffairy said...

True, money is never enuff... so have to be contented with something else? Hmmm... now that's a thought.

Small Kucing said...


Money is not enough coz his neighbours are all very rich. He wants the status lo.


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