Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Skimming by Claire Tham

The story focus on the lives of 3 person who known each other since their college days.

Wai Keong is the quiet and obedient son of a rich man. David is agressive and comes from a poor family. Li is the girl which both of them coveted on.

Wai Keong know Li first and they have dated through their university days. David was Wai Keong best friend and had felt in love with Li the first time he set his eyes on her in Wai Keong's room.

Wai Keong found that Li is special and different from other girls. Li was fond of Wai Keong but some how David kept pursuing her and she found that David seems to be rather exciting.

Li started to avoid Wai Keong and finally Wai Keong discovered their relationship during one of their travel. He left David and Li without a word.

Meantime, David and Li become a pair.Li had wanted to meet David's family but David was ashamed of his family. Finally he brought her to meet with his family and Li discovered the difference between the two family. She didn't mind at first. She also brought David to meet her family but things does not work out as she imagined. This casted a doubt in her mind. David sensing this and had pestered her to marry him. She had refused initially but she discovered that she might be pregnant and she quickly agree.

They married and lived in an apartment which were loan to them buy Li's family. David was not happy with that. Then Li discovered that she is not really pregnant. She had wanted to be the perfect wife. They conceived again and again but each time met with failure.

David started to distance himself from Li. Meantime Li bumped into Wai Keong at a reunion party. And their love "rekindled".

 Wai Keong knew that Li was using him but he still went ahead with it. Li and David got divorced and yet Li still harbor feelings towards David.

Finally Wai Keong could not stand being the second fiddle anymore and confronted Li.

I find that in the first chapter about Wai Keong was rather boring. But things started to speed up when it comes to the part about Li and David.

The characters are well developed. Wai Keong is someone which I would love to knock some senses into for being so "soft" and boneless. Li seems to be a two timing slut which can't seems to make up her mind which I would love to "cekik". Last but not least, David the so call best friend who would go behind his best friend and steal his girl...haiz what can I say? It takes all type to make up a world

A very frustrating story.


cheeyee said...

Agree, very frustrating story. Definitely not my cup of tea. Lol!

cleffairy said...

So much drama and yet you rate this 2 stars only? Hmm..maybe can let me pinjam...perhaps my blood will boil see such a bitch...and such an idiot... =.=

Women like this disgust me... GRRRR.. *boiling*

cj'alhafiz said...

Hi mama Meow,
Well, I love drama but I'm always frustrated when the love triangle is involved. I remember watching Full House, the korean Drama. I enjoyed it at first but but after the 3rd person comes in..I just stopped watching!! haha...btw, nice review and thanks for your comment on mine. =)

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

shake head

Small Kucing said...


Too much dragging coz Li kejap want this man kejap want that man. Maybe you will love this book. Lend it to u the next round we meet

Small Kucing said...


same here. Cannot stand watching Korean/Japanese and even some Taiwan movies. Like the famous Taiwan movieMeteor Garden. Adoi...really dragging

Small Kucing said...


I would have rate it 1 star if I had higher expectation of this book like the Grisham one.


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