Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peony In Love by Lisa See

Set in the seventeen century China, Peony is a young girl of 16 years age from the Chen family. She is betrothed to the second son of the Wu family.

Being the only daughter of the first wife and all the rests of the concubine bears only girls, Peony, is much loved by her parents.

During that era, unmarried girls are secluded at home and are trained to be good wife to their future husband. The same happen to Peony. She was taught to sew, play musical instrument and most important of all to read.

At that time the work of Tang Xianzi "The Peony Pavilion" is one of the most popular work and have been made into opera.

As fate would have it, Peony loves The peony Pavilion and had tried to get her hands on as many version of it as possible. On the month of her 16th birthday which also coincide with the 7th month celebration of the Weaver Maid and Cowherd, her father commission an opera troupe to their luxurious home to entertains them and their guests.

Her mother was against it. For her mother thinks it is not appropriate for unmarried girls to be seen in public. However, her father assured her that all will be taken care of.

That night turns out to be the turning point of Peony cloistered and protected life. For that night she bump into a man which makes her thinks of the seven feelings that makes us human.

 Here starts her journey from this life and later one the journey to the realm beyond.

This is truly one of the most wonderful and beautifully written book that I have ever read. The description of the love and lost that Peony had was very heart wrenching. It is a adventure itself to see her trying to do the right thing and things kept turning out unexpectedly

There are so many layers of stories in this book. Nothing is what it seems.

I stared reading this book last night and it is a real page turner. This is definitely a MUST READ. This is indeed a sad day for me. Why? Because I fear the next book which I laid my hand onto may not be as good as this.


Unknown said...

Wah 5 stars. Is it a sad story? I have the ebook, but not yet read. Just finish reading quite a heavy book and need something light.

cleffairy said...

Walao... 5 stars from you is very rare leh....

Lee said...

Hi SK, wow! You really a ferocious, voracious book reader!
If ever you come to Toronto, I guess you will be paying a visit to The WORLD'S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE, here.
Maybe you bring your camping equipment too, ha ha.

You'll go crazy over the selection of books they have.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

very good book. I think u will cry at their love

Small Kucing said...


Maybe this one not for u. Anything i like you sure dont like one hahaha

Small Kucing said...

Uncle Lee

If I ever go there sure i end up bankrupt and had to tumpang your house for a few months lo

Lady G said...

This sound like a good book, I would love to get a copy of it.

I do love books like this, have you read Empress Orchid? I think you might enjoy it as well, if you like this genre. I also loved Amy Tan's.

Small Kucing said...

Lady G

I saw BBWS have this book. RM8. Else you can try and email bookxcess to check if they have stock. But the price would be higher compared to the sale.

Yes, I have read Empress Orchid. Love it but dont like The Empress coz too much politics


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