Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pearl of China by Anchee Min

I nearly missed this book when I went to BookXcess to pick up my online order. Lucky that I saw this book displayed near the Customer Service Counter.

This round Anchee Min have really out done herself. The story is so vivid and believable that for a moment there, I thought it was a biography.

Have you heard of Pearl S. Buck, The author of The Good Earth? This is a fiction story about her.

It tells the story of two girls in the small town of Chin-Kiang, China. One was Pearl and the other was Willow, a Chinese girl. Pearl was the daughter of zealous Christian missionaries while Willow comes from a family who were very poor.

They fight and the become the best of friends through the thick and thin of the Chinese revolutions.

They shares their dreams and hope with each others. They supported each other when their marriage gone awry.

Pearl and her family was forced out of China when civil war erupts in China. Meantime, Willow got married to someone close to Mao.

Nevertheless, their friendship remains strong. Willow was dreadfully punished for her friendship with Pearl.

This is truly a tale of till death do you part.

Near the ending I was thinking why the heck Willow don't just denounce Pearl. Pearl is no longer in China and won't even be much affected by her action. She suffer so much for Pearl. It's just so sad.

This is truly a good read


cleffairy said...

Ah... An Chee Min... a very good author, most of her stories are very descriptive and vivid, though her 'Last Empress' irked me to death. Very emotional...

cheeyee said...

Difficult to get this kind of friendship nowadays.

nylusmilk said...

i've been wanting this read this book! i loved 'the good earth' - so sad, reminds me of those olden days chinese tvb dramas haha.

i didn't like 'the last empress' too, cleffairy. 'empress orchid' was better, from what i remembered.

Small Kucing said...


I thought u love The last Empress?

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

ya lo....maybe this kind of friendship will only exist in story book....

Small Kucing said...


The Good Earth have 2 more books also..the Good sons and duno what...i read one of it long time ago. Not bad. but the 3rd one tak dapat cari


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