Friday, April 01, 2011

Lottery by Patricia Wood

Perry L.Crandall, (the L stands for 'Lucky') have an IQ of 76, but he is not stupid. He is just a bit slow. He lives with his Gram who taught him everything he needs to survive.

She taught him it's important to have list so that he won't forget. They list down who they can trust. This is very important. She taught him it is okay to be slow but "don't be smart". She taught him to buy lottery every week. They would bought 5 tickets weekly.

One day, his Gram just would not wake up from her sleep. She had taught him what to do in this situation. To call 911 and to call his Boss, Gary, to let him know that he won't be able to go to work that day.

He is orphaned at the age of 31. His friends, Gary and Keith, were there for him when he broke down and cried.

Then he went and win twelve Million dollar from his weekly lottery ticket. Suddenly, he found himself with very concerned family members which comes out of the worm holes to help "protect" his interest.

Perry is something like Forest Gump.His wish is simple. And when he won the Lottery, he just followed his list. The list where his Gram and him listed in the event that they win the Lottery.

Amidst all these, his "family" tried all sort of tricks to get their grubby hands on the money. Would he survive their onslaught?

I nearly missed this book if Winnie from Bookxcess did not point this out to me. The cover of the book was not that attractive. Looks like some sort of cheap novel. But after reading this book, I totally revised my opinion. I think it's fantastic. It is a MUST READ.

To me, it's like a motivational book. To know what is our personal goal and target instead of comparing it with others. Take one step at a time for each person will have their own pace. Be thankful for the thing you having now. Always know what is your needs and no need to covet what you do not need.

This book will makes you think a lot without being preachy. 

I love Page 52 . It's about Perry feeling extremely down. Everything in his life have gone terribly wrong. And he missed his Gram terribly. I was sad to read this. Patricia Wood really wrote well in this part.

What I don't like about this book is the usual complaint...the fonts is too tiny and as mentioned earlier the cover of the book. Frankly, if Winnie had not mentioned it's a good read, I would not have bought this book as the tiny font scares me off. I hope authors/publishers would consider this point when they decide to get the book printed. Make the books easier on the readers eyes. You win, I win.


HomeKreation said...

Hi. I came across your blog in blogger forum. Have you managed to solve the problem on photo not displayed in the blog list thumbnail? I tried everything suggested and none works - very frustrating. Appreciate if you can share.

nylusmilk said...

i read it, quite liked it. hmm, for me if the story has hooked me in, doesn't really matter the font. it's those i don't enjoy that i'd prefer a font that's easy on the eye. do you know some books have large print version? but it's really huge, like small kids book haha.

Small Kucing said...


It was solved by them a week after I reported but the problem emerge again on 30th March. I have yet to report

Small Kucing said...


Ya I know about those large fonts books hahaha. You know me la. Specs so thick. Ask me to read tiny font very susah oh. That's why when i buy books, i will see the font 1sy. If too small and the book does not seems to interest me much then I wont buy....unless the BBWS RM5 RM8 ones la :p


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