Friday, April 08, 2011

The Way Things Look To Me By Roopa Farooki

Asif Delcan Kalil Murphy is a 23 year old young man with heavy responsibilities. His parents had pass away and left him to take care of his two sisters, Lila and Yasmin.

Lila have moved out of the house as had abandon the sole responsibility of caring for Yasmin to Asif. Lila is fed-up of Yasmin getting all the attention all the time while she and Asif always takes a back seat. She felt that Yasmin could have been independent if only she have been push to it. She felt that Yasmin have been misdiagnosed when she was young.

Lila tried many ways to seek attention when she was a kid and now she had grown up, to her beauty brings attention. Thus, she took great care of her appearance. But what she wants the most is somebody to show her that they care for her.

Yasmin is diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome when she was a kid. She is very bright but she is unable to express herself. She cannot interpret other people reaction. Her brain is constantly recording things that happening around her till at times she felt that her brain is going to explode. However, recently she discovered something new is happening to her and maybe there is a way that would make everything right.

Asif tried to take care of Yasmin as much as he can but he felt that there is something missing in his life. At times he resent Yasmin. How he wished that his mother die earlier so that they ar forced to stay with their relative and he can continue with his life instead of as now having to take care of his Yasmin. But no matter what, he carry on with his responsibility.

The plot was not bad.

I like the was how the author reveal what is happening in the life of each character. I pity Lila as she so much wanted some attention from her mother and she was willing to do anything to get it. Yes, this part was well expressed in the book.

The character that I dislike the most is the mother. I felt that she had fail Asif and Lila.

Overall not a bad book. Could have been better

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cleffairy said...

Dun think i will like this book... sounds depressing.... :(


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