Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Lightkeeper's Ball by By Colleen Coble

Book Description

Olivia seems to have it all, but her heart yearns for more.

Olivia Stewart's family is one of the Four Hundred—the highest echelon of society in 1910. When her sister dies under mysterious circumstances, Olivia leaves their New York City home for Mercy Falls, California, to determine what befell Eleanor. She suspects Harrison Bennett, the man Eleanor planned to marry. But the more Olivia gets to know him, the more she doubts his guilt—and the more she is drawn to him herself.

When several attempts are made on her life, Olivia turns to Harrison for help.

He takes her on a ride in his aeroplane, but then crashes, and they’re forced to spend two days alone together. With her reputation hanging by a thread, Harrison offers to marry her to make the situation right. As a charity ball to rebuild the Mercy Falls lighthouse draws near, she realizes she wants more than a sham engagement—she wants Harrison in her life forever. But her enemy plans to shatter the happiness she is ready to grasp. If Olivia dares to drop her masquerade, she just might see the path to true happiness.


I love a good romance as I love a good mystery. This book has it all. It's a historical romance where there is a handsome and slightly dangerous hero(who might be also be the villain) for me to swoon on; and also a delicious hint of mystery. Who is it who wants to harm Olivia?

There are enough twist in the plot to keep the suspense going in this book. I am not ashamed to say that I cheated. I flipped to the ending coz I can't stand the suspense. I wanted to know how the story ends

I would recommend this book to those who love romance and mystery.

This is the 3rd book of Mercy Falls Series. Don't worry. This book can be read independently from the other two books. How I wish I could lay my hands on the other two books.....
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Lee said...

Hi SK, I really am amazed at your reading....infact because of checking out your blog mention of these books, now very often when at supermarkets while waiting for my wife will check out the bookstand....
and note the books and authors, and thinking of you, ha ha.

You read any of Alistair McCleans's books? Or Ian Fleming?
Have fun, Lee.

Small Kucing said...

Uncle Lee

Thanks. Alistair McClean no but Ian Fleming yes. His James bond book. that was only 1 . Bought from Paylessbooks. Around rm2-50.

Lady G said...

I definitely loved Historical romance, I read those by the truck load. Will keep this book in mind, it sounds like something I would enjoy.

Small Kucing said...

Lady G

Ya Try sign up with They have plenty of books


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