Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Lost Memiors Of Jane Austen By Syrie James

During one of my rampage at BookXcess not long ago, I discovered this book. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. 

I love Jane Austen works. Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey and etc. I was real curious when I saw this book.

This is a work of fiction but the way it was written makes it seems so real. For a moment there I had my doubts. I thought maybe it was really Jane Austen secret diaries

Events were based as near to what happen to Jane Austen during her life time.  Some are true and some are just fiction

In this story, it was supposed that someone had discovered a hidden chest of memoirs. They were Jane Austen. 

It was her hidden "diaries". Story tells about her life and insight of the events that took place after her father death.

Her sister, mother and Jane depended on the charity of her brothers. 

Also of her personal life where she received two ridiculous proposal and she had fell in love with a Mr Ashford. 

Reading this book makes me missed Jane Austen works. Her books are always easy to read and so is this.


cleffairy said...

*blush blush* Sounds irresistible. Pinjam? Will feed u with kikisi.

Small Kucing said...


wokay wokay

Jessica said...

you really love to read, that's good as your boy will be same like you.

Small Kucing said...

Jessica TV for me never mind but as along as there is a book in hand I'll be happy

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mama Kuching, Wow! You read this book!
You sure one voracious reader. I bet the number of books you have now like a public library.
Good for you.

I really admire you reading the many different topics, authors.
For me mostly bios of well know politicians and military commanders.
But have stopped reading past 5 years. Hardly read the papers too.
You have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

Small Kucing said...


Welcome back :D

I read bio also but not that much. Kinda hard to get and expensive too

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to read her book but till today haven't read any yet. and this one sound interesting. haiyah. i think i youtube too much till no time read. hahahaha

Small Kucing said...


This book is not written by Jane Austen but it's a fiction about Jane Austen


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