Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy In Love By Chris Manby

Birdie Sederburg is a celebrity heiress. Her parents died in an avalanche. Her only living relative was her grandfather Julius Sederburg who is too busy with his business empire to take care of her. Hence under the care of a series of nanny.

Julius was ruthless in business and let Birdie do as she likes as long as she don't disturb him. She grew up to be a rich, spoilt and over pampered young lady who care for herself only. Anything she wants, she must have.

One day, she got into her head that she is in love with a hot young actor, Dean Stevenson. Dean was horrified but at the pressure of his agent, Dean, "entertained" Birdie's attention to him.

But soon, Dean, found a new love. Birdie is willing to do anything to get him back, including getting herself kidnapped.

And this kidnapping episode really changed her life and she saw what an empty existence that she was having all this time. She also found her true calling and love.

I have read some of Chris Manby books and they are good. But I can't say the same for this. I had a hard time finishing this book.

First of all, the font was quite tiny making it hard to read. I wonder why she want to have this book printed in such a tiny font. To save paper and the environment so that it's coincide with a part of this book?

Secondly, the first half of the book of the book are dedicated to describing what a pampered and empty live that Birdie and her friends were having. Nothing better to do than updating their Facebook with every tiny things that they do and also creating false news for the Paparazzi to write.

The second half of the book was about how she want converted from her selfish ways to seeing the light of her empty existence and turn into a pro-environment supporter. Pretty much unbelievable.

For me it rate 1 star. Maybe I am getting to be too demanding in my reading?


cleffairy said...

I dun like Chris Manby's book... not suitable for me to read. I find them rather boring and puts me to sleep easily. The stories are usually predictable and I couldn't really get the 'jokes'. =(

Small Kucing said...

I like his other books. Surprised that this one is not up to my expectation

javapot said...

hey u summarize books read! how cool - will be browsing more for recommended titles :)

cj'alhafiz said...

Hi Mama Kucing!! bad this book just got 1 star, can't you be a bit nicer and giv it two?? haha.. kiddin... well, sometimes there is book which don't live up to our expectations right.

CJ @ Coffee N Crackers

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Small Kucing said...


It depends on ones liking. Books i like, might not like by others and vice versa LOL

Small Kucing said...


I love her other books like The Matchbreaker,Ready or Not & Marrying for Money. But disappointed at this one lah.

cheeyee said...

Huh 1 star only, so cham ah.

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

If I havent read her other books then maybe will give it 3 stars.

Since I can compared with her other works, I felt disappointed loh.


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