Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mr Stink by David Walliams

I pick up this book from the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme last Sunday

It was a delightful easy read but with a lot of things to ponder about.

Briefly, Chloe is a little girl who sat a "wonderer" sitting alone at a Bench. Everyone called him Mr Stink and he has a dog with him.

Chloe being a kind hearted girl, approached this Mr Stink although she know that her parents especially her mother would be horrified by her action.

Being friends with Mr Stink changed Chloe and her family.

I love this book for being "educational" with out being too preachy. I know many would say yuck to the word "educational" but I think in this case, you can make an exception.

It teaches us on the importance of family, of giving each other space to grow and helping each other out.

I would recommend this book not only for kids but also for adult too.

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