Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Born in Shame by Nora Robert

The final book in the trilogy. 

In Born of Ice, Maggie and Brie found secret love letters to their father by a woman named Amanda. The name which he calls out to just before he took his last breath on earth. From the letter, they got to know that Amanda was pregnant when she left their father.

They decided to hire a detective to find Amanda as they feel that she has the right to know that their father called out to her just before he died and they also wanted to know about their step sister/brother.

The book begins with Amanda in her death bed visited but the ghost of Thomas Concannon and the ghost of her husband, Colin Bodine urging her to tell their daughter, Shannon Bodine, the truth about her birth.

Amanda died after she told Shannon the truth. As she was burying her mother, the detective found her. She resented that but letter from Brianna somehow makes her changed her mind. 

She decided to pay a visit to Ireland to meet her sisters...with some reluctant and resentment. Sparks starts to fly when Shannon met Maggie as both are very temperamental but Brianna was there to calm the situation.

But when Murphy(Maggie & Brie's Best pal) saw Shannon, he was stunned. Immediately he knew that Shannon is his destiny. He pursue Shannon mercilessly. The two of them seems to have some unending love from the past though they have never met each other before in this lifetime.  Shannon kept having a recurring dream of Murphy but the scene was from a time far beyond and so does Murphy.

This book is far off the best of the 3 books. There is enough romance and mystery in it. Kept me wondering what is the story about Murphy and Shannon in their past life. 

It was a master stroke how Nora Roberts ties up all the loose ends.


reanaclaire said...

I have read these 3 books.. u presented it to me, i think..

Small Kucing said...


I didnt know till Cleff highlighted. Coz that book Cleff said new book. Sure you havent read. That's why buy that title for you

cleffairy said...

Oh... this buku...Claire mistaken and return to u punya... I still yet to have the 'mood' for it. These days, I've been reading Julie James comedies and romance...nice and witty... haizz... have to wait til ada mood.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Small Kuching, never knew or heard of this author.
Lost touch with present day books and authors....
I only read news, and stuff on the net now....
Have fun reading.

Small Kucing said...


Lend me the Julia James pls

Small Kucing said...

Uncle Lee

You have a great weekend too :D


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