Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Born In Fire - Nora Roberts

I was presented "Born Trilogy" by Joanna for Christmas.

Born In Fire is the first book of the Trilogy. Each book is about a story of each of the sisters.

This first book is about Maggie Concannon, the eldest sister who have a fiery personality and passionate about her work. She is an artist - glass blower.

She is constantly in loggerhead with her mother who is a bitter woman due to something that happen in the past.

Maggie love her dad very much. But he died one rainy day by the seaside calling the name "Amanda"

Maggie's skill as a glass blower bring her to the attention of Rogan Sweeney, a businessman who is very interested to market her product. But to Maggie, her work is any art and she have attachment to her art. She refused to communicate with Rogan...that is until Rogan forced to come over to Clare County to meet up with her.

That was where it all began. The "fight" and soon they found themselves attracted to each other. But can their love survive as Maggie loves her privacy while Rogan work is to meet with many people.

It was kind of fun reading this book. The clashes between Maggie and Rogan was interesting. The event of the past which leads to Maggie's mother bitterness was very intriguing also.

Overall, it's a good read.


cheeyee said...

Wah 4 stars ah. OK pinjam me next time. :)

Small Kucing said...

Chee Yee

will do...let me finish the other two book first then you can read it sekali gus

cj'alhafiz said...

i'm not reading any Nora Roberts' Books yet....any recommendation which one i should start first?? =)

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Small Kucing said...


shy to say..this is sort of my 1st Nora Roberts books. I have read her books before during school days but kinda forgotten the story and even titles :p. Guess that doesnt sound good ya :P

Uncle Lee said...

Hi SK, looks a good book to read.
Have fun. Lee.

Small Kucing said...

Uncle Lee

yup :D


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