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Banana Mom’s Guide To Preparing For Chinese School by Mimi Koay

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Are you a parent searching for a primary school for your child? Are you faced with the dilemma of which school to send your child to? Are you thinking of sending your child to Chinese school but you don’t speak Chinese at home? Now you don’t have to turn to forums or blogs for answers to your dilemma.

You can find the answers right here in this book. From choosing preschools to choosing primary schools. You will receive practical tips and know what to expect on orientation day and first day of school. Primary School Registration Procedures, School syllabus, Homework, Exams, Tuition, Dealing With Teachers. All this and more are covered in this book including How to Handle Differences In Parenting Styles with your spouse and the challenges you will face raising kids in the digital age.

Written by a parent for parents, everything you need to know about the challenges you will face as a parent to a primary school student, the next most important parenting stage you will face is here

My Comments:

For me this have been a valuable and insightful book as being a Banana Mom myself, I was undecided on which school to put my boy in when he starts primary one.

Naturally I would want him to learn an extra language but will he be able to cope with all the workload that Chinese school are famous for? Apart from that there are a whole load of pros and cons flying around.

From what I read here, Chinese Primary school is not that scary if there are support from the school side and the parents side.

I find that the part about school orientation, examination and tuition have been very helpful. Chapter 5 was very "scary" for me as there was a load of pros and cons listed there ...some of which I have not even thought of .

But overall, it had helped me . At least get a rough picture of what to expect should my son goes to Chinese Primary school.

Thank you very much to the author, Mimi Koay

Here are some links that may be helpful to those who are considering to send their child to Chinese school . The author is also giving a FREE chapter of the e-book for your reading pleasure.

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