Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Triumph For Sakura by Jason S. Ridler

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Famed fight coach Ned Bangs was down and out, until he saw Sakura fight four deadbloods like a champ. The catch? Unlike Ned, she was human.

Under Ned’s guidance, Sakura fights from the street to the big time, gather fame and enemies as they reach the arena of Cascadia. Can they both survive when her courage fans the flames of a human revolution against their vampire overlords?

What cost will they both pay for a Triumph for Sakura.

My Comments :

I was contacted by the author to review this book. Initially I thought there is nothing new that any author can add on to the existing Vampire and human series but obviously I was wrong.

The author certainly put new twist in "A Triumph For Sakura".
This book is like Hunger Games, Fight Club and True Blood rolled into one good novel. Very fast paced. The powerful against the weak. Will they be able to thriumph against a force that is so strong? 

Of all characters in the book, I think I like Ned best. Probably because of his flash back on the good old days before the undead become and elite race; and current time.

What I also love about this book despite all the fighting and everything, is that there are not much of foul language. In here, four letter words were being used at appropriate place. Yeah...I do sound snobbish but that's how I feel. I really hate it if nearly every page of a book being peppered with four letters words. Foul language doesn't really make a character in the book more macho.

Overall it has been a good read

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