Thursday, January 17, 2013

Confessions Of An Old Boy: The Dato' Hamid Adventures by Kam Raslan

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Dato' Hamid The Old Boy and civil servant who's been everywhere and seen it all (even though he never wanted to). 

Here he 'spills the beans' on his adventures dating back to the 1940s, from Kuala Lumpur to Monte Carlo, Los Angeles to Algiers, London to Temerloh Rest House and much more. 

Along the way, Dato' Hamid tussles with a beautiful seductress-cum-diamond thief in Switzerland; is corrupted by a ruthlessly ambitious Malaysian banker in London;and helps solve the murder of a billionaire businessman in an isolated mansion on the east coast. And all the time he wishes he were back at home tending his orchids and nursing his favourite cognac. 

Shameless, exciting and funny, Dato' Hamid's life and adventures chart the financial, political and amorous relationships that have made Malaysia what it is today. You ll never meet anyone quite like Dato' Hamid, but you'll know him

My Comments :

Bought this book for a song from the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale last year. It's a steal at RM5.

I really love it. 

The Dato Hamid characters was really funny and "lovable" with his idiotic blundering.

Behind a successful man is a woman as the saying goes. His lovely wife certainly lights up the stories here when she ride up to his rescue each and every time he got caught in some ridiculous situation of his own making.

The only part I did not really like is his so call "romeo-ing" . It was a bit dry. But that was just in the beginning. 

Love the last part of the book. It was so mysterious .

Am giving it 4 stars out of 5.


Happy walker said...

thanks for sharing this books~ looks great and the price was just RM5~

Anonymous said...

My dad bought a copy a long time ago - I thought it was okay lah.

The author Kam Raslan also saw them at the BBW sale and bought a few copies, hahaha.... or so he said on the weekly culture show on BFM recently.

Rhose said...

nice post... have not read the book though.. :D

Blackswan said...

Looks like a good read! Thks for sharing!

Small Kucing said...


Small Kucing said...

Ohhh. .lol...

Small Kucing said...

Should try it.. I saw it sometime back in SJBEP

Small Kucing said...

It was interesting


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