Monday, August 27, 2012

Sparkles by Louise Bagshawe

Synopsis from the back cover of the book :

From the U.K. mega-bestselling author Louise Bagshawe comes a delicious story of a diamond heiress in Paris

Fabulously wealthy, internationally adored, the aristocratic Massot family owns one of the last great jewelry firms in Paris. But seven years have passed since the disappearance of the patriarch, Pierre Massot. With hope of his return all but extinguished, his beautiful young widow, Sophie, reluctantly declares her husband dead and takes control of the family business. But even as Sophie begins to look to the future, forces are conspiring to destroy the Massots by unearthing the devastating secret from their past that Pierre may have died trying to protect.

Bagshawe's sweeping story takes readers from the murky diamond mines of Soviet Russia to the cultural whirl of modern-day Paris, unraveling the mystery of Pierre Massot's fate and the scandal and deceit that lies behind the Massot family fortune. Spanning continents and decades, Louise Bagshawe's Sparkles is an addictive tale of ambition, betrayal, and romance.

My Comments :

Does anyone know if there is a connection between Louise Bagshawe and Tilly Bagshawe? Are they the same person? I tried to google it but without much result.

Anyway, books from both authors are pretty similar though I would love Louise Bagshawe more currently as  I feel that the story have more depth to it and her books are more consistence in terms of reading pleasure for me.

This books is not excluded. It was fun to read how the weak Sophie Massot turned into someone strong and able to put her presence forward after her husband was declared dead. It was quite amazing to see her transformation.

I love the way the author slot in the story about Sophie's husband alternate life in between of the chapters. In the beginning I did not know what the connection is but it was later explained fully near the ending.

I didn't really like the ending as it was too perfect. But then let's just say everyone got what they have just deserved.

Am looking forward to read more of Louise Bagshawe's books.


Purple Queen Fairy said...

I could be wrong but I think I read somewhere that they are sisters.

Small Kucing said...

Purple Fairy

Oh...both also very talented.


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